Extended Care for the Treatment Resistant

Holistic Recovery Services

From intervention to aftercare, our services empower clients to lead more fulfilling, productive lives in recovery.

90-Day Gender-Specific Recovery Programs

Our men’s and women’s programs are designed to build autonomy, accountability and fellowship in a community-driven atmosphere.

Aftercare Monitoring

Twelve months of aftercare monitoring keeps clients engaged because the longer a person is engaged in treatment, the more likely they are to maintain recovery.

Our Proven Recovery Approach

BRC Recovery was founded in 2006 to provide treatment for chronic relapsers and the treatment-resistant. Founder Mark Houston spent decades in the treatment community and wanted to create a center that would give men and women everything they needed in early recovery. High levels of structure and discipline, 12-step immersion and a commitment to holistic healing have been the foundation of our program since day one. Today, BRC serves as the parent organization of the BRC Family of Programs.

Take a Tour

BRC Recovery lies on a rural 70-acre gated property 20 miles east of Austin, TX. Residents feel safe, comfortable and respected while focusing solely on getting well. We invite you to take a tour.

Our Programs

The programs we offer are structured to ensure personal attention that addresses each resident’s needs, providing a more enriching treatment experience.

The Best Measure of Recovery Success

The culture at BRC Recovery isn’t something you encounter at other treatment centers. It’s a warm, supportive, community-driven environment that helps our residents not only get sober but build the lives they’ve always wanted.

We specialize in empowering chronic relapsers and those who consider themselves treatment-resistant to recover once and for all, and our extensive alumni network keeps graduates of the BRC Recovery program engaged in our treatment community long after they’ve passed through our doors.

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