A Parent’s Perspective: Raising Your Children is Never Easy

BRCRecovery - drug rehab Austin,TXRaising your children is never an easy task, but when you know they are in trouble and you can’t fix things, your heart shatters. I remember clearly the day my son said, “I need help Mom and I am ready for rehab.” I can’t begin to express all the thought’s going on in my mind at that time. Being a nurse I immediately started “the research project”…calling rehabs everywhere sometimes late at night with tears running down my face.

Nothing felt right until I called BRC Recovery, formerly Mark Houston Recovery, and the voice on the other end of the line saved my sanity. The Admissions Staff knew all the right things to say and I felt such peace every time we spoke. Unfortunately things did not work out for a quick admission for us. Many roadblocks stood in our way, but BRC was always there for me.

Finally, the day arrived when it was time (6 months later) that we put our son in the car and made the trip to BRC Recovery. From the moment we stepped on property we felt safe and sure this was the place to be. All the staff from Marsha Stone down was so kind and helpful that we had no concerns leaving our son in this special place. As we left with tears in our eyes we knew we were so grateful to have found this place. As time passed we received many phone calls from our sons Program Director giving us updates, guidance, and reassurance.

The monthly meetings that they provide have incredible speakers and give all the parents rays of hope and understanding of this horrible disease, and on Sunday the BRC staff continue to explain and teach about how to respond to our children, and ongoing programs to help our children survive in the real world.

When we first left our son I told them they could keep him as long as they needed to. As we became involved and they became “our family” we would joke and say they could keep him forever. Low and behold he became an employee of our beloved BRC and we still come every month that we can to see these wonderful people that we will be forever GRATEFUL to for giving us our son back.

Now looking back almost 4 years later, I have seen so many people come through and be given a new lease on life and see the joy in parents face’s that I know this place is truly a sacred place.

The Sharp Family - BRC RecoverySusan Sharp