About Us

The BRC Recovery Mission Statement

Our belief is that alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic, progressive diseases which demand a lifelong set of practices as a way of living if we are to experience permanent recovery. Our commitment to our residents is that we will provide a set of life skills and spiritual practices which will be incorporated and assimilated into their minds and hearts and allow them to recreate and reclaim their lives.

Mark-Houston-Hall-Sunset-BRC Recovery-Austin-TexasGender-Specific Facility and Programs

Various research findings show that men and women recover from drug addiction and alcohol addiction differently. Gender-specific programming, facilities, and staff provide for a safe and supportive environment conducive to healing on all levels. Without the distraction of the opposite sex, men and women can focus on their recovery instead of each other. While many drug and alcohol rehab centers may claim to be gender-specific, closer examination may reveal their sleeping quarters are separate but they share meals and activities together.

Extended-Care Program

Evidence shows that the longer a person is in a structured recovery program, the greater chances they have of staying sober. BRC Recovery has offered a full continuum of care since 2006, when the facility opened. The BRC Recovery program can be divided into three phases….a 90-day residential program, 90 days of sober living in our company-owned recovery residences located in Central Austin, and a 12-month aftercare monitoring program. Each phase can be increased if additional time is needed plus residents can choose one or more of the phases based on their individual needs.

Holistic Health and Healing

Recovery from alcohol and drugs is more than chemical dependency abstinence. Spiritual healing, learning new skills and developing new healthy habits is essential in multiple areas to include nutrition, fitness, financial management, and spirituality. Learning how to be accountable, taking responsibility for our actions, and developing discipline are all life skills that most alcoholics and addicts struggle to achieve and maintain. Highly-trained professionals and staff members work with residents throughout the entire program as well as afterwards in aftercare and alumni workshops.

Integrated Family Program

Alcoholism and drug addiction are family diseases and in order for the resident to get well, all family members and significant others ideally will work on their recovery as well. BRC Recovery works with the family from the very beginning, offering communication and education to help them understand the recovery process and how they can support their loved one in alcohol and drug rehab. Family members are encouraged to attend family weekends and all BRC Recovery community events.

Active Alumni Organization

One of the unique characteristics of BRC Recovery is their strong alumni organization. Long-lasting bonds are developed with each other as well as with the staff while residents are in the recovery program. After completion, many want to stay involved by participating in alumni events, community service projects and by referring others to the BRC Recovery program.

Community Service

Giving back is a key concept in 12 Step recovery. The principle of “give back what was so freely given to you” is an integral part of the final step of the 12 Steps, first published in the book Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism in 1939. BRC Recovery has multiple community projects throughout the year where they give back to the Austin community to include a tri-annual charitable donation drive to benefit the homeless and community pool/park clean-up events. For the 12 Step community, they assist with set-up and take food to the monthly Austin Citywide Group Meeting as well as provide a monthly BBQ Speaker meeting at the BRC Recovery facility for residents, their families, alumni and anyone in the 12 Step community who wishes to attend.

Conveniently located in Central Texas, east of Austin, BRC Recovery welcomes residents from all over Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, as well as throughout the United States and internationally.


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