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Extended Care Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery

Support Team

BRC Recovery support team

The most important part of every organization are the people who make it happen day in and day out. Many are BRC Recovery alumni, most are in 12 Step recovery, but each and every one has a compassion and desire to help recovering alcoholics and addicts.   The BRC Recovery culture is unique. Staff members are more like family than fellow employees. They work together, sharing a sense of pride and commitment to giving their best to the residents, their families, and to each other.

Main Office

Phone: 512-278-4550
Toll Free: 866-905-4550
FAX: 512-278-4553


Jenny Stupka Finance/HR Administration
Brittany Brizendine Executive Assistant
Kimberly Feldman Office Manager
Matt Battle Operations Manager
Allen Joblinske Admissions Coordinator 
Kelsey McCoy Women’s Recovery Manager
Lane Rust Men’s Recovery Manager
David Walsh Men’s Recovery Manager