About Us

BRC Recovery specializes in working with clients who are chronic relapsers, dual diagnosis, or treatment-resistant. BRC stands for “Bringing Real Change,” because real recovery requires a total transformation that encompasses mind, body and spirit. We’re committed to helping our clients effect real change in their lives, and we can prove it. Clients who have completed the BRC Recovery 12-Step immersion program and transitioned into sober living experience a 77% success rate and significant quality of life improvements.

We are conveniently located in Central Texas, just 10 miles east of Austin, and welcome clients from all over Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, as well as throughout the United States and the world.

Substance Abuse Treatment That’s in a Class of Its Own

BRC Recovery offers the care and expertise necessary to set clients up for a lifetime of success, happiness and freedom from addiction. Throughout the entire continuum of care, clients and families will notice our adherence to a set of clinical standards, values and holistic practices that not only sets us apart from other addiction treatment programs but has also earned us treatment outcomes that are significantly higher than industry averages.

Who We Treat

Addiction is a chronic disease that requires sophisticated, evidence-based treatment. Unless properly addressed, substance abuse can ruin relationships, jeopardize careers, and affect a person’s physical and mental health. Addiction does not discriminate; anyone can develop a pattern of substance use and dependence over time. BRC Recovery provides comprehensive addiction treatment for:

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Research shows that men and women experience addiction and recovery differently. At BRC Recovery, our gender-specific treatment programs offer men and women the opportunity to focus entirely on their recovery. Gender-specific programming, facilities and staff provide a safe and supportive environment conducive to healing on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual.

Extended Care

Evidence shows that the longer a person participates in a structured addiction treatment program, the greater their likelihood of experiencing permanent recovery. Since 2006, we’ve provided clients with a full continuum of care that includes Primary Treatment, Transitional Living and Aftercare Monitoring Programs.

A Commitment to Holistic Healing

Real recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol requires so much more than abstinence. We take a holistic approach by equipping our clients with the skills necessary to experience joyful, fulfilling and productive lives in recovery, including accountability, spiritual healing, life skills and physical fitness. Our advanced, cutting-edge clinical modalities treat the underlying causes of addiction.

Integrated Family Program

As anyone who has experienced substance abuse personally or within their family will tell you, alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases that not only affect the addict but the entire family. BRC Recovery’s Family Program works with families from the very beginning, offering education and counseling to help them understand the recovery process and how they can support their loved one in recovery. We also encourage all family members to attend family weekends and community events.

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Active Alumni Network

One of the most cherished aspects of BRC Recovery is our strong alumni network. Clients develop lifelong friendships with fellow clients and staff, and after completion of treatment, many stay connected to BRC Recovery by participating in alumni events, community service projects and referring others to our program.

Driven to Serve Others

Giving back is an essential part of 12-Step recovery, which is why BRC Recovery hosts multiple community service projects throughout the year through which clients and alumni give back to the Austin, TX, community. Whether it’s helping to organize Austin’s monthly citywide 12-Step meeting, hosting a BRC Barbecue, a charitable donation drive to benefit the homeless, or a community cleanup event, the BRC community is always ready to pay it forward.

Austin’s Premier Extended Care Program for the Treatment-Resistant

If you or someone you care about is ready to bring real change into their lives, we are ready to help. We encourage you to contact a BRC Recovery Admissions Specialist at 1-866-461-1759 to learn more about our programs.