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Dr. Phil and the Doctors Success Stories

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Dr. Phil & Kathy

Kathy Chambers: From Resistance to Surrender

Like many people who show up on the doorstep of BRC Healthcare, Kathy Chambers arrived physically, mentally and spiritually bankrupt. Kathy’s body was badly damaged, apparently from her prolonged exposure to drugs. She had a difficult time sitting still and focusing on her step work. Kathy was told at the beginning of her rehabilitation that the spiritual program of action would be the solution to her addiction and her life. This was the moment she recalls as the turning point: a moment of clarity in an otherwise hopelessly dark state of mind. “No one had ever told me I never had to use drugs again,” she says.

Erica & Mark’s Appearance on Dr. Phil

Father and Daughter Reunited

When Erika contacted the Dr. Phil show asking him to help her find her drug addicted father who brutally murdered her mother more than 20 years prior, Dr. Phil’s private investigators tracked him down.

They found him in a miserable state, addicted to cocaine, methamphetamines, and heroin and living alone in an apartment. In order to reunite with his daughter, Mark was told that he would have to successfully complete a drug addiction recovery center program and Mark was willing to take that journey.

Please consider taking the journey to permanent sobriety at BRC Healthcare. If you are ready to reclaim your life, contact us immediately
Dr Phil show

Michael’s speaks with his parents on the Dr. Phil Show

Michael’s Story – Throwing A Lifeline

Michael Weatherford’s father, Richard, wrote a desperate letter to Dr. Phil pleading for help for his son. Richard was convinced that his son’s addiction would take nothing less than a miracle to overcome. To his surprise, he received a response from the Dr. Phil show. During the taping, Michael was offered an opportunity to go through a recovery program. The submitted letter, entitled “Save my Son,” would be the first step in the chain of events that changed Michael’s life forever. The family traveled to Los Angeles and taped the show. Within a few weeks, Michael checked into BRC Healthcare.