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Kathy Chambers – From Resistance to Surrender

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Dr Phil puts arm around Kathy Chambers

Kathy & Dr. Phil at the September 2011 Reunion Show

Like many people who show up on the doorstep of BRC Healthcare, Kathy Chambers arrived physically, mentally and spiritually bankrupt. Kathy’s body was badly damaged, apparently from her prolonged exposure to drugs. She had a difficult time sitting still and focusing on her step work. Kathy was told at the beginning of her rehabilitation that the spiritual program of action would be the solution to her addiction and her life. This was the moment she recalls as the turning point: a moment of clarity in an otherwise hopelessly dark state of mind. “No one had ever told me I never had to use drugs again,” she says.

Kathy’s initial resistance was born out of a concept familiar to most addicts: residential rehab meant lack of freedom. It was a form of incarceration. Through her time at BRC Healthcare, Kathy was able to envision a life full of more freedom than she ever thought possible.

Kathy also didn’t expect to make friends during rehab. A rigorous schedule and soul-baring 12-Step regimen brought Kathy close to her fellow addicts, many of whom remain lifelong friends. The fellowship of recovery has become a powerful force in Kathy’s life.

Quick with a comeback and an infectious laugh, Kathy soon became an irrepressible member of the BRC Healthcare community. Her spiritual awakening became apparent in her physical transformation; her strength growing both bodily and spiritually.

With the courage to take an honest look at where her drug addiction had taken her and the hope and faith that she could live a better life, Kathy soon learned this new life required a complete surrender that included letting go of her old ideas and becoming truly transparent and authentic with the work. Kathy learned how to tap into her pre-existing faith as a means of strength and power in recovery.

Dr. Phil and Kathy Chambers

Dr. Phil, Kathy Chambers & Ted Williams at the September 2011 show

During her 3 months at BRC Healthcare—longer than she had initially thought possible—Kathy learned to be accountable for her actions by participating in a demanding program of action and responsibility. The disciplines of communal living and step work were not always easy, but Kathy was able to roll up her sleeves and follow direction. Kathy worked all 12 Steps and had a real experience by the time she left BRC Healthcare. It was the hardest thing she has ever done, she says, but it is the most worthwhile. Kathy saw firsthand how her self-will was a destructive force in her life.

Through frequent letters and phone calls to her fiancé, Ted Williams, Kathy was able to share her spiritual awakening with Ted and encourage his own work in recovery. Their reunion has been one of inspiration as they both transition into a sober life. Today, Kathy and Ted continue their lives in recovery, keeping close to the spiritual principles that have served them so well.

From resistance to surrender, from isolation to fellowship, Kathy is a testament to the abundant rewards of hard work and embracing a life lived on spiritual terms.

Click here to watch clips of  Kathy’s appearance on the Dr. Phil show.

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