Men’s Program

Men-Only Addiction Treatment in Austin, TX

Specialized drug and alcohol addiction treatment leads to more positive outcomes. It’s important to choose a program that addresses your personal needs, and gender-specific treatment that focuses on addiction from the male perspective is particularly beneficial.

At BRC Recovery, men and women are treated in two separate facilities on two separate properties, where men help men and women help women.


How Men Experience Addiction

Men and women may begin using substances for similar reasons, but they experience addiction, mental health, and recovery differently. Men are driven to use substances for a range of reasons, including:

Men are more likely to use substances:


The BRC Recovery Experience

    At BRC Recovery, our Primary Treatment Men’s program accommodates up to 36 men ages 18 and older. The longer a man participates in a treatment program, the better chance he has of securing lasting sobriety. Our continuum of care spans 15 months:

Benefits of Men-Only Addiction Treatment

The longer a person participates in treatment, and the more specialized that treatment is, the more favorable the outcome. Highly specialized men-only addiction treatment offers numerous advantages, including:

Permanent Recovery Is Possible

BRC Recovery’s community-driven atmosphere and 12-Step Immersion Program fosters accountability and effects change, even among men who have relapsed or consider themselves treatment-resistant. For more information about how our gender-specific program can help you achieve lasting sobriety, contact a BRC Recovery Admissions Specialist at 1-866-905-4550.


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