Aftercare Monitoring Program

Given the program’s history of positive outcomes, we decided to open up these valuable services to anyone who has completed treatment and wants a supportive, personalized aftercare program.

Segue Recovery Support

BRC Recovery is a holistic approach to addiction and mental health treatment, and Segue Recovery Support is a holistic approach to aftercare. Each client is assigned a certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist who helps the client navigate through their first year of sobriety.

There are five key tenets of Segue Recovery Support:


  • Drug testing
  • Alcohol testing
  • 12-Step meeting attendance

Case Management

  • Assistance with education, healthcare, legal and occupational issues

Recovery Coaching

  • Peer recovery support and guidance
  • 12-Step mentoring


  • Identifying relapse behaviors
  • Early intervention before physical relapse occurs

Family Engagement

  • Family coaching
  • Guidance to avoid enabling
  • Rebuilding family trust through verifiable actions

Benefits of an Extended Aftercare Monitoring Program

BRC Recovery is an extended care addiction recovery program because we know that the longer a person can take advantage of treatment and recovery services, the stronger chance they have of achieving and maintaining lasting sobriety.

Our Aftercare Monitoring Program offers numerous benefits to clients. Segue Recovery Support:

  • Facilitates the transition from residential treatment to recovery
  • Reinforces and complements individualized continuing care plans
  • Further establishes personal responsibility and accountability
  • Offers continued support and guidance
  • Provides relapse intervention
  • Creates documentation of sobriety
  • Improves success rates of recovery

The benefits of our Aftercare Monitoring Program are not limited to clients. For families and employers, Segue Recovery Support also:

  • Provides education and addresses questions and concerns
  • Removes the responsibility of family and employer serving as “recovery monitor”
  • Assists in locating community resources, such as 12-Step meetings, therapists and legal assistance
  • Establishes positive models of communication
  • Sets expectations, boundaries and consequences
  • Provides ongoing support
  • Creates documentation of sobriety

Phases of Segue Recovery Support

Segue I: Introduction

The Peer Recovery Support Specialist:

  • Reviews continuing care plan before the client’s discharge from BRC Recovery or primary treatment program
  • Identifies local resources in the client’s community, including 12-Step meetings, therapists and legal assistance
  • Secures appointments with community resources
  • Assists in contacting important contacts

Segue II: Transition – Months 1-3

In this phase, the Peer Recovery Support Specialist:

  • Provides an introduction to sober living
  • Prioritizes immediate needs related to personal issues, events and important relationships
  • Identifies the client’s recovery network
  • Assists with family and support system integration

Segue III: Stabilization – Months 4-6

The Peer Recovery Support Specialist works to:

  • Conduct a formal review of the client’s progress to date
  • Provide ongoing relapse prevention monitoring through accountability training
  • Implement a personal development plan that addresses emotional and behavioral needs; social and recreational needs; financial, employment and educational status; and relationships and spirituality

Segue IV: Acclimation – Months 7-12

In the final phase, the Peer Recovery Support Specialist:

  • Reviews the client’s personal development plan, making modifications as appropriate
  • Helps the client prioritize and set attainable, measurable goals
  • Addresses any unresolved medical and legal issues or other problems.
  • Provides personal finance assistant and/or a credit counseling referral
For more information about our Aftercare Monitoring Program, please contact a BRC Recovery Admissions Specialist

Navigate Sobriety With Confidence

Segue Recovery offers a range of recovery support services. Whether it is providing sober transportation, performing a relapse intervention or just serving as an advocate for your recovery, our credentialed and experienced staff members can connect you with the ancillary services that are so vital in the early stages of recovery.

For more information about our Aftercare Monitoring Program, please contact a BRC Recovery Admissions Specialist at 1-866-905-4550 or visit Segue Recovery online at