Basic Criteria for Admission

  • You must be medically stable.
  • We cannot accept clients with an active eating disorder.
  • You must agree to comply with the Resident Code of Conduct.
  • You must have a desire to change and a willingness to commit to a 90 day program.
  • You must be chemically dependent; we are a recovery center for adult men and women who have chemical dependency problems.
  • You must understand the following behaviors will result in dismissal:
    • Drug and/or Alcohol Use
    • Inappropriate Rage or Anger
    • Repeated and/or Serious Violations of the Resident’s Code of Conduct

The monthly fee covers the following:

  • Room and board, including all food and laundry needs.
  • Access to all recreational, outdoor and related activities.
  • Group outings, meetings, conferences, etc. 



The admission process consists of the following:

  • Meet the Resident Criteria Profile
  • Intake call with Admissions Staff
  • Intake Property Inventory
  • Review Resident Code of Conduct
  • Review Financial Responsibility Disclosure
  • Complete Financial Arrangements
  • Admission Date & Time Scheduled

The admissions staff will assist you and or your family in arranging the time for admission. Time and date of admissions will be coordinated by appointment only.

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