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Our Proven Recovery Approach

BRC Recovery was founded in 2006 to provide treatment for chronically relapsing individuals. Mark Houston had spent decades in the treatment industry and wanted to open a center that would provide everything that is needed for men and women in early recovery. High levels of structure and discipline, along with twelve-step immersion and completion, have been the foundation of our program since day one.

Outcomes Study for Recovery and Alcohol Rehab Austin, TX

From 2013 to 2016, BRC Recovery commissioned a scientific outcomes study to examine the results of our program. The study was conducted by NLW partners and found that those who complete the BRC program and enter sober living have a 99% success rate. The results confirmed what families, clinicians, and alumni had observed for years – that BRC Recovery was producing remarkable outcomes that are much higher than industry averages.

Further, quality of life measurements using the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) showed overall improvements in medical, legal, family/social, and psychiatric well-being.

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The Importance of a Gender-Specific Recovery Program in Austin Texas

Studies prove that gender-specific programs have higher rates of success. BRC Recovery has a men’s program and a women’s program, in two separate facilities on two separate properties, where men help men and women help women. Our alcohol rehab center and drug rehab center provide the correct environment for recovery from addiction.

Our Proven Approach is Successful

The success of our program is indicated by the number of alumni who are still sober. Through objective data collection and tracking, we are able to determine the number of residents who have successfully completed our program and report continuous sobriety.

BRC has a proven inpatient drug rehab program that is designed to help the treatment resistant addict.

Extended Care is Essential to Long-Term Sobriety

Recovery from addiction is a life-long process. Our 15-month extended care program in Austin, Texas, provides relapse prevention and includes three major components: residential, aftercare monitoring, and sober living.

A Different Kind of Chemical Dependency Program in Austin, Texas

Whether you have completed alcohol treatment or drug rehab multiple times or have never been to any type of structured program, the BRC Recovery (formerly Mark Houston Recovery) offers a full continuum of care for addiction recovery.

BRC Recovery offers an extended-care recovery program for adult men and women struggling with addiction and substance abuse. Located east of Austin, Texas, on 70 acres, the gender-specific 90-day residential program focuses on the 12 Steps, life skills, spirituality, and fitness. After completing the residential phase, residents transition into company-owned sober living and 12 months of aftercare monitoring.  If you‘re ready to learn how to live a sober, responsible, committed life full of promise, we’re here to help you.

When Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment is Not Enough

A certain percentage of men and women who complete a 30-day addiction treatment or drug rehab program will not be ready to return to society and day-to-day living. Others may actually relapse shortly after completing a narcotic or alcohol rehab program, only to feel an even more debilitating sense of failure regarding their disease.

It is at this point that these addicts and their families ask themselves: “What can I do to truly recover from my alcoholism or drug addiction? What relapse prevention tools or length of the program does it take to achieve long-term sobriety?”

Chronic Relapse is a continuous cycle of addiction and sobriety. This is a debilitating cycle of highs and lows, despair and euphoria, which cannot be maintained indefinitely.

Hope Beyond Addiction 

Unfortunately, many of these addicts and the people in their lives begin to believe that there is no hope for a life without addiction. The BRC Recovery (BRC) offers that hope. Our unique substance abuse and alcohol rehab in Austin, TX combines the elements of a longer length of stay (minimum 90 days), a gender-specific environment, ranch-style residential homes in a private rural setting, and a staff that models recovery at the highest levels, along with a robust program that addresses every aspect of recovery.

Tools That Promote Permanent Sobriety 

By regaining strength in your body, mind, and spirit, you will learn how to manage your life from the inside out rather than attempting to control it by abusing prescription medicine, marijuana, cocaine, and other harmful stimulants.

You will learn new life skills, regain or acquire financial sanity, improve your physical strength through fitness and nutrition, and establish new attitudes that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and peace of mind. Permanent sobriety cannot be obtained through chemical dependency abstinence alone.

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Austin, TX, addresses each area of your life: physical, mental, and spiritual. Many people require a longer continuum of care and specific relapse prevention tools. All too often, residents leave a residential alcohol treatment or drug rehab center and return to the same environments that were a part of their active substance use.  It is essential to us at BRC Recovery to provide the inner resources and life skills necessary to help our clients maintain their sobriety.

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A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program that offers Extended Care

Outcome studies show that the longer a person is in a structured, supportive recovery program, the greater their chances are of staying sober. That is why the BRC Recovery drug rehab and alcohol rehab program has been so effective for hundreds of men and women who have attended their program since 2006.

After completing the minimum 90-day residential phase of the program, residents can choose to move into BRC Recovery-owned gender-specific sober living and to start a 12-month aftercare monitoring program called Segue, both designed to provide the additional structure and support essential for long-term recovery. Two separate BRC Recovery sober living residences are conveniently located in Central Austin, just minutes from Downtown Austin and Austin Bergstrom Airport.

What Sets BRC Recovery Apart From Other Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs may all have the same common goal, but they are each unique in the population they serve and the type of programming they offer.

Some drug treatment centers focus more on the medical aspects of addiction, whereas others have a holistic approach.

Here are a few of the things that make the BRC Recovery program highly effective for those who are getting sober for the first time or have chronically relapsed:

  • An extended care program with a minimum of 90 days of residential care and 12 months of aftercare monitoring
  • Programs and facilities are gender-specific with gender-specific staff
  • All staff members are in 12 Step recovery…they “walk the walk,” not just “talk the talk”
  • A family-oriented culture where family members are welcome, involved, and included in all BRC Recovery events and alumni activities

A premier Texas drug rehabilitation facility as well as a respected Austin recovery resource, BRC Recovery provides an extended continuum of care essential for long-term sobriety. If you are currently in rehab, recently relapsed, or considering alcohol or drug rehab in Austin for the first time, we encourage you to contact us for a confidential consultation.

Working with Alcohol Rehab Center and Drug Treatment Center Expertise

BRC Recovery has a reciprocal referral relationship with drug treatment centers and alcohol rehab programs around the country. When a person applies to enter the BRC Recovery program, we put in the effort to make sure it is a good fit for that individual. When it is not an appropriate fit, we refer within our trusted network of recovery providers. By the same token, we accept referrals from alcohol rehab or drug treatment facilities regularly.

The Best Measure of Recovery Success

There is a culture at BRC Recovery unique to alcohol rehab centers and drug rehab center facilities. It is a warm, supportive environment that will not only help you get sober but will show you how to build the life you always wanted.

An alcohol rehab center is imperative to recovery, and our drug rehab center also provides excellent support and guidance. Chronic relapse is difficult to deal with by yourself.

Our alumni and their families continue to stay involved with BRC Recovery long after the program has ended, and they are our greatest referral source. Staying sober and referring others is the best measure of success we could ever ask for. Contact BRC Recovery today at (855) 730-3876.