BRC Recovery: A Sense of Community During Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

change aheadOn Saturday, March 9, current residents of BRC Recovery, Alumni, family and proud members of Austin’s Recovery Community gathered at the Mark Houston Hall to hear former Program Director Audrey C. tell her story. My house manager said to me once that you know a good story when you don’t look at the clock one time. I didn’t notice the clock or any wandering eyes last night, but I did take a few moments to look around in gratitude. And those in attendance were literally on the edge of their seats, as BRC Recovery went back to its roots.

As someone who never knew Mark Houston personally and came on property years after his passing, I was able to hear the message that this facility was founded on – the same message it honors today. Audrey’s voice echoed the voices of the Program Directors and mentors I came to know and love in the four months I spent on the hill. The teacher of my teachers, if you will.

A Solution to Transform Your Life

Comically, Audrey joked about the solution that came to her from this “big, giant book” everyone was talking about. Turns out it is a solution with the power to transform – from “a woman no one wanted to touch” to a powerful and confident person who has had and continues to have an experience with God. She revealed enough of the tragedy and heartache of her own experience with Alcoholism for those of us in the audience to understand we come from the same place. Declaring, “If you can find a better way, good for you.” There was a sense of shared peril and shared solution in a room clamoring with drug addicts and alcoholics who had tried for a better way and come up empty. But there is hope in a room that is filled by the purest light and laughter. Above all, Audrey fostered a sense of community, and there was a feeling we were all “amongst our tribe.”

Join us next month, on the 13th of April, as we welcome Mike D. of Los Angeles, CA. We hope to see you there!

About The Author:

Mary Huber is a grateful alumnus of BRC Recovery. She currently lives at the BRC Recovery women’s apartments and works full-time as a Customer Service Representative. Mary plans to continue her undergraduate studies in political science and journalism this fall.