The BRC Recovery Culture

Marsha Stone, CEO, loves to talk about BRC Recovery. Through blogs, social media, presentations, press, radio, film, and video, she passionately shares about the unique culture of the organization, the dedicated staff and the hundreds of people who are blessed with a new life as a result of their comprehensive healing process. This brief video is merely a vision statement of the legendary extended-care program started by Mark Houston in 2006.

Well-described earlier this year in a 4-part blog series called The BRC Recovery Culture, Marsha covers in each post a different aspect of the special spirit of BRC Recovery. Helping Others tells the story of “hollow bones”, a favorite story of founder, Mark Houston, about allowing ourselves to channel the infinite wisdom of our Higher Power and be of service to others. Focus on the Family highlights the fundamental concept of the integrated program, involving the family members every step of the way through education, communication and participation. We are Family illustrates the cohesive staff, visibly evident through their loyalty, commitment, and true care for each other. Keep Coming Back emphasizes the strength of the strong BRC Alumni Association and how the fellowship bonds established during the residential phase can keep supporting our recovery for years to come.

In 2015, we will start sharing some of the special stories of those who have experienced the magic of the BRC Recovery Culture. If you have a story to share or just want to say a few words, contact us here.