BRC Recovery Hosts AustinNet’s November Luncheon

BRC Recovery hosted an industry-wide luncheon today on behalf of AustinNet, the professional networking association for chemical dependency, substance abuse, addiction recovery and related mental health organizations in the Austin and Central Texas area.

A Network of Drug and Alcohol Professionals

Once a month, professionals in the field of addiction get a chance to network and catch up on new developments in neighboring organizations.

“The stronger our relationships are as an industry, the more synergy we have in this field,” said Marsha Stone, CEO of BRC Recovery. “We are all in the business of saving lives.”  

For the attendees, it is gratifying as well to put faces to names. Many of the challenges that individual organizations face are common concerns, and there is much that cooperative relationships can do to raise the tide for all participants.

Stone continued,

“Addiction-related services have always had hurdles in terms of public perception. Together, we can strengthen the integrity of the entire industry. As we often say at BRC Recovery. Welcome to your tribe.”