BRC Recovery Residents Participate in North Austin’s Big Book Experience

On November 10th, BRC Recovery residents had the opportunity to attend North Austin’s Big Book Experience, where they were afforded an in-depth study of our basic text.  With the help of panelists, Chris S. And Myers R., BRC Recovery residents were able to gain a new appreciation of working the steps the way they were intended.

Applying the Principles of the Big Book

Applying the principles of the Big Book is a fundamental part of the BRC Recovery program with an emphasis on identifying with the authors’ experience. “As a newcomer, the Big Book really gives us the answers to all our questions,” said Vickie Bing, Alumni Director, “And more importantly, offers a solution.”

It is in these first 164 pages that alcoholics first encounter the words, “Here are the steps we took, which are suggested as a program of recovery.” At BRC Recovery, each resident is encouraged to have a personal experience working the steps; part of that is not just reading the Big Book, but studying it.

“Intense Big Book workshops are so useful to those in rehab because the simplicity of the steps belie their power, said Marsha Stone, CEO. “That’s why we spend so much time going over the passages in the Big Book that explain our common problem, and our common solution.”

True Freedom Through Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Residents came away from the workshop with a new appreciation of the transformative powers of a true program of recovery and the work it entails. This, combined with becoming part of a fellowship that will guide them through the hills and valleys of early sobriety, ensures that they are well on their way to creating a new life of freedom and recovery.

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