5 Benefits of Community-Driven Treatment

benefits-community-driven-treatmentOf all the ways to describe the disease of addiction, “lonely” and “isolating” are among the most accurate. It’s much easier to isolate ourselves than to face our problems head-on. Although isolation may provide some temporary relief, it doesn’t address the negative thought patterns, unstable emotions and destructive behaviors that lead to and are exacerbated by addiction.

The benefits of community-driven treatment cannot be overstated. Surrounding ourselves with positive influences while making contributions to the community only improves the likelihood of achieving a successful, lasting recovery.

1. It changes your outlook.

It’s human instinct to want to connect and bond with others. When that bond isn’t satisfied, there’s a higher risk of turning to unhealthy behaviors. People struggling with addiction may isolate themselves to feel less afraid, ashamed, guilty, angry or resentful, but isolation leads to destruction. In recovery, outlook is everything, and community-driven treatment can completely change that outlook.

2. It helps you learn more about yourself.

As humans, we’re pretty bad at observing ourselves objectively. Spending time with other people is such a useful way to gain insight into how we feel about ourselves and how we believe we are perceived by others because other people act as a mirror. In addiction treatment, it’s so vital to know as much about yourself as you can, so you can see areas where you’re succeeding and others where you need to improve.

3. It surrounds you with positive influences.

The people we surround ourselves with are critical to our mindset because we are a direct reflection of the people we spend the most time with. For example, if you’re surrounded by good people who care about you and vice versa, you’ll be able to count on them in recovery. They’re supportive, and they can help you stay on track. So much of preventing relapse hinges on a strong foundation. That is, feeling comfortable with ourselves and our self-concept. Sharing positive experiences with others has an overall positive effect on feelings of happiness and life satisfaction.

4. It’s structured.

Community-driven treatment provides structure and routine and gives residents a stronger chance of restoring their mental and physical health while building meaningful, lasting social connections. As the saying goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” But when you’re busy and productive, you don’t have time to dwell on your problems. Negative thought patterns and behaviors don’t stand a chance. Plus, that sense of social welfare allows us to feel more fulfilled and satisfied.

5. It establishes social connections.

Life has its challenges, and how you cope with those challenges is essential to recovery. When you have a secure support network of friends, family, sponsors and therapists, you are less likely to resort to destructive behaviors and more likely to ask for help when challenges occur.

Disconnection and isolation breed addiction. Community matters. That’s why BRC Recovery maintains a community-driven treatment environment that primes our residents for successful treatment and a lasting recovery.

BRC Recovery residents participate in traditional clinical components of treatment, including individual therapy and family counseling, as well as a wide range of community-based activities, such as daily meetings, workshops and household chores that help residents hold one another accountable. For more information about our community-driven treatment program, contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-866-905-4550.