How Has COVID-19 Affected People in Addiction Recovery?

COVID-19 effects on people in addiction recovery

During the COVID-19 pandemic, staying physically and mentally healthy is critically important. Although it may be challenging to remain at home, to not go to work, or to not socialize with family and friends, taking these steps now will help you remain safe throughout the outbreak. How has COVID-19 affected people in addiction recovery? When you are going through addiction treatment, these restrictions may seem especially difficult. Knowing more about what to expect and how to handle it can help you better manage your recovery. Natural Reactions to the Stressful Situation Even though you may feel alone during this time, […]

Experiencing Rehab in Austin, Texas

rehab in Austin, Texas

You have decided to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction. You’ve taken the first step toward recovery. Now you may be wondering what rehab will be like and whether you will be able to participate in rehab in an area that offers an enticing and beneficial environment for you. You can rest easy knowing that when you choose to experience rehab in Austin, Texas, you are in for a positive adventure that will transform your life. Rehab Can Mean Transformation Alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic, progressive diseases. An effective treatment program should be designed to meet your […]

Accreditation: How to Identify the Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

best drug and alcohol treatment centers

Finding the right treatment center for your drug or alcohol addiction can be challenging. You are struggling but you are ready to make a change in your life, for the better. Of course, you want to be sure you make the right choice in a treatment center so you’ll have the best chance at recovery. There are a number of ways to identify the best drug and alcohol treatment centers that will help you find the one you need for your specific situation. Understand Your Own Needs The best drug and alcohol treatment centers are the ones that work for […]

What Happens in Drug Rehab?

what happens in drug rehab

The unknown can be intimidating. When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and you want to get help, you might be concerned about what that help will look like for you. Most people do not have a clear picture of what happens in drug rehab. You’ll want to know what programs will be offered, whether you’ll have to go through detox, and how challenging it will be for you to complete. A better understanding of what happens in drug rehab will help you move forward with your decision to get help for your addiction. Working Through Emotions When you […]

Holistic Alcohol and Drug Rehab | A Whole-Person Approach to Recovery

holistic alcohol and drug rehab

Addiction does not just affect one area of your body or your life. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can impact every aspect of your physical health, your mental health, and your social interactions. A whole-person approach to recovery can provide the answer you need to your addiction challenges. In particular, a holistic alcohol and drug rehab program addresses the many areas that affect you as you move through recovery. The Holistic Approach to Recovery As Psychology Today reports, one size does not fit all when it comes to recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol. In fact, the American Society […]

The Impact of Addiction on Older Adults

addiction older adults

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse are often seen as issues occurring mostly in young people. In fact, research has shown that most high school students have tried some form of alcohol or drugs. Young minds and bodies are not developed enough to fight off the potential effects of addiction. As we age, though, our bodies and minds also change. We now understand the serious impact of addiction on older adults as well. Addiction by the Numbers The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that two-thirds of students have tried alcohol and about half have used marijuana by the […]

How Men and Women Differ in Their Addiction Treatment

men and women differ in addiction treatment

Why do many of the most effective addiction treatment programs separate men from women in recovery? Just as there are physical differences between the two, there are also significant differences in the causes and impacts of their addiction to drugs or alcohol. It makes sense, then, that men and women differ in their addiction treatment approaches and results as well. Biological Differences Researchers have found that women use and respond to substances, such as drugs and alcohol, differently than do men. Women tend to use smaller amounts of certain drugs for less time before they become addicted to those drugs. […]

A Look at Addiction and Recovery in the State of Texas

addiction and recovery in Texas

Drug and alcohol addiction affects people in every state in the US. Across the country, opioid abuse continues to present at crisis levels. In the state of Texas, the numbers are lower than many other states but are still staggering. A look at addiction and recovery in the state of Texas reveals some intriguing facts as well as hopes for an encouraging future of prevention and treatment. Addiction in Texas, by the Numbers The good news is that Texas has one of the lowest rates of drug overdose deaths involving opioids. While the national rate in 2017 was 14.6 deaths […]