letting go

Letting Go

Just the words “letting go” might produce an internal response to some who read this. It often comes with a negative connotation of some type of loss, giving up, or defeat. It might feel counter intuitive or even impossible to those of us with...

big t trauma and little t trauma

Big T and Little T Trauma

For many years the impact of trauma was acknowledged through the presence of PTSD symptoms largely associated with experiencing war or sexual assault. However, trauma encompasses any distressing event or experience that affects a person’s ability to cope and function. We often recognize the...

unconscious enabling

What Is Unconscious Enabling?

Addiction affects the whole family: members who aren’t “addicts” typically take on other unhealthy roles, such as “hero” (trying to make everything better by being personally perfect), “scapegoat” (acting up to distract from the addiction), or “invisible man” (staying quietly out of the line...