Righteousness is Real Scary

I received a text from a friend recently that stated “it’s jealousy and spite masked as righteousness.” He was referring to a Facebook post we had both seen, and were disturbed by. His words struck me and I have mulled them over for some time. In this modern world of social media and advanced technology […]

What Good Are Those Slogans, Anyway? (Part 3)

If you’ve spent any time around Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous, or other recovery-oriented groups, you’ve heard at least a few slogans and acronyms. Most of them seem to fall into one of three categories, and they include our relationship with: Our addicted loved one. Ourselves. Our Higher Power. This month, we’ll look at a few of […]

For the Family: Gratitude is an Action Word

How many times have we heard the phrase, “The attitude of gratitude”? The word gratitude is thrown around so often that it sometimes loses its luster to the untrained eye. If we stopped to make a list of all the areas of our life that we have been blessed it would be easy to feel […]

Little Fish In A Big Pond

Growing up as a little southern girl in South Georgia, I sure never dreamed I would be traveling so far away to the land of kangaroos, koalas, and crocodiles. Oh, and of course Crocodile Dundee! Before we left for Australia, Linda Alcantara, the sweet lady that helps me take care of my home and family […]

For the Family: Harmony…

The word itself reminds me of an orchestra and the way each person, instrument and note is important to the overall sound. Each tiny piece plays a great part in the whole and without the cooperation of them all the masterpiece would be lost. The synchronicity is vital to the result and no matter what […]

In Sickness and In Health

Ten days in now, and the Great Flu of 2017 is finally releasing me from it gnarly grips. I have never experienced this type of bodily sickness before in my life. The typical flu symptoms  of course- coughing, sneezing, congestion were aplenty. But, the part that really dug in was the pure, unadulterated exhaustion. The […]