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Instead of Partying This 4th of July, Try These Sober Celebrations

The upcoming 4th of July weekend presents unique challenges to everyone this year. With the need to maintain social distances, wear masks, and generally take precautions against the coronavirus, the large crowds that have gathered during years past at holiday events are not possible. In addition, when you are in addiction recovery, you face other challenges when it’s time to celebrate. Instead of partying this 4th of July, try these sober celebrations that can be just as fun and will keep you safe and healthy.

Start New Traditions

A lot of things have changed since the beginning of the year. So many of the activities you may have enjoyed last year cannot be repeated. It’s a great time to start some new traditions with supportive friends and family. Remember to maintain your distance to keep everyone safe, but you can enjoy a number of new sober traditions for celebrating the 4th of July as well as other milestones throughout the year.

Have a Picnic

Get outside, get some fresh air, and have a healthy picnic! Go to a park or some other spot with lots of natural space, but that will not be too crowded. You can even invite your supportive friends or family members to meet you there, as long as you keep about six feet of space between you. Bring your own blankets or chairs to sit on and some non-contact games to play with your friends. Let your friends know ahead of time this is a sober celebration.

Bake Some Patriotic Cookies

Independence Day is all about the red, white, and blue. Instead of partying this 4th of July, have a virtual bake-off with your friends and family. Whip up some patriotic cookies and then pack up a batch to take on your picnic.

Enjoy a Southern Breeze

It’s hot in July! Make a batch of refreshing, non-alcoholic drinks that taste great and keep you hydrated. Pour some Southern Breeze, made of lemonade, pineapple juice, and ginger ale, into an airtight container to include in your sober celebrations. It’s a great drink for your picnic, too.

Go for Ice Cream

July is National Ice Cream Month. Celebrate the 4th of July with a cone or dish of your favorite flavor. Make up a red, white, and blue sundae for the occasion. Have an ice cream decorating contest with your supportive friends and family members. Focus on the joy of digging into a delicious bowl or cone as a great alternative for a sober celebration this 4th of July.

Go for a Hike

After the picnic, and especially after the cookies and ice cream, find a trail that’s not too crowded and get some healthy exercise. Hiking can become a new sober celebration that is fun and keeps you healthy. As the CDC says, staying physically active is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy. In many areas, you can visit parks, trails, and open spaces as a way to relieve stress, get some fresh air, and stay active.

Watch the Fireworks

Even with restrictions on crowd size, there are still ways to enjoy the fireworks. The safest way is to watch the traditional Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. This year, the show features a tribute to heroes. Instead of partying this 4th of July, tune in for a lively show that will become one of your favorite sober celebrations!

Focus on Your Own Celebration

You have a lot to celebrate this 4th of July. Maintain your focus on staying sober and staying safe and healthy. Enjoy a sober celebration with those friends and family members who support your recovery. Happy Independence Day!


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