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Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Building up your sense of self-esteem can be a positive factor in your addiction recovery. If you feel better about yourself, you are more likely to want to continue to stay healthy, mentally and physically. February is International Boost Self-Esteem Month and the perfect time to look at ways to boost your self-esteem.

Healthy Self-Esteem

Positive self-esteem can give you the confidence you need to overcome daily challenges. If you are going through addiction treatment, building up your image of yourself and of your abilities can contribute significantly to a successful recovery. Self-esteem is essentially trusting in yourself. When you have healthy self-esteem, you are not afraid of setbacks or of failure, you accept who you are, and you are able to set appropriate boundaries for yourself.

Ways to Boost Self-Esteem

Recognize that improving your self-esteem takes time and effort as you work through these steps: Challenge the Negative Messages One of the first steps in boosting your self-esteem is to stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on what you can do. Eliminate negative thoughts, such as “I don’t have what it takes” and replace them with positive affirmations of your abilities, such as “I can do this”! Often, boosting your self-esteem is a matter of telling yourself that you have what it takes. Think of all the things you have accomplished in your life. Make a conscious effort to challenge those negative messages that can tend to creep in when you are facing triggers or cravings. Try Something New Take a step out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill or try a new activity. Set small goals for yourself that are outside your normal daily routine. Your self-esteem will get a little boost each time you reach one of those goals. If you are not able to reach a goal, that’s fine too. Learn from that situation and move on to the next. Know that you can do it. Look for Ways to Help Others Low self-esteem is often rooted in our intense focus on ourselves. Try shifting the focus to others in your life and to how you can help them. When you offer your assistance to others, it not only benefits them but also helps boost your own self-esteem. Even the simple act of carrying an elderly woman’s groceries to her car for her can make you feel better about yourself. Keep a Journal Note the positive things that happen in your life. Write them down. When you carried that elderly woman’s groceries for her, she was probably extremely appreciative of your kindness. Note that in your journal. When you slide back into self-doubt, read through your journal and remind yourself of your positive attributes. Write your goals in your journal also. As you reach each of your goals, make note of how you made that happen. Write about your progress in learning a new skill or trying a new activity. If there are other areas in which you’d like to improve, write about that as well. Then, as you move forward with boosting your self-esteem, you can review that progress and feel even better about yourself. Celebrate Your Accomplishments Give yourself credit when you do achieve your goals. Don’t discard your accomplishments as simple luck or chance. You did it! Celebrate that! When someone compliments you, say “thank you” rather than dismissing their praise. As you move through your addiction recovery, it is especially important to mark each accomplishment. Making decisions to ignore a craving, to stop associating with other addicts, and to make healthy choices are major accomplishments that deserve celebration! Practice Self-care Take care of your physical self, by eating healthy and exercising regularly. When you feel better physically, you tend to feel better mentally and emotionally. Include exercise in your new routine, organizing your day around it so that it does not get left out of your daily activities. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Get outside and walk in the fresh air. Join a yoga class. Eat healthier by including plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. When you feel healthier, you will also sleep better, which will, in turn, also help to boost your sense of self-esteem throughout the day.

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