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Common Misconceptions About Rehab

misconceptionsThere are more than 23 million people living with a substance use disorder and yet only 10 percent receive proper treatment. Among the reasons is the stigma associated with entering rehab or how the media often portrays people struggling with substance use disorders. A better understanding of addiction and addiction treatment can ensure that you or someone you love gets proper help. To get you started, here is the truth about some common misconceptions about rehab.

Misconception 1: You Must Hit “Rock Bottom” to Get Help The media often makes it seem like you need to reach “rock bottom,” or really mess up your life before reaching out for help. Yet this simply isn’t true. In fact, anyone with a substance dependency can benefit from formal addiction treatment. You don’t have to wait until you experience a devastating consequence of drinking or doing drugs such as losing your job, getting a DUI or destroying your marriage.

Misconception: Relapse Equals Failure Relapse is a pretty natural part of addiction recovery – in fact, 70 to 90 percent of people experience at least one mild to moderate slip. That said, it’s not inevitable and it’s also not a sign of failure. Having a relapse doesn’t mean you’re hopeless but it does mean you have an opportunity to identify new triggers and tweak your relapse prevention plan.

Misconception: If You’re in Recovery, You’re Weak Perhaps one of the most harmful stereotypes is that people who seek help are weak or that their lives are lacking in some way. Yet we know that addiction is a chronic, progressive disease that changes your brain chemistry. On the contrary, choosing to get help shows strength and courage. Treating a substance use disorder is much more complex than simply quitting drugs or alcohol. Permanent recovery is an ongoing process that requires hard work to heal physically and mentally and to acquire the life skills and spiritual practices needed to build a healthy and fulfilling sober life.

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