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Facing Addiction: Finding Inspiration Through Stories of the Rich and the Famous

rehab-for-young-adultsAlcoholism can take absolute and categorical control of your life. If you’re asking yourself “how did I get here and how do I stop,” you’re already on the road to success. Acknowledging the problem and the impact that it has on your life is the first and often most difficult step. However, many alcoholics don’t realize at the beginning that recovery is not a one-time event, it’s a lifelong process. Ben Affleck’s Story: Acknowledging the Problem and Seeking Help If you’re battling alcohol addiction, know that you’re not alone. Alcoholism doesn’t discriminate. It affects men and women, the rich and the poor. Even the “biggest and brightest” of Hollywood’s stars aren’t spared. Ben Affleck has recently spoken out as being one of these stars. In March 2017, Affleck reported that he’d completed a rehab program that started shortly after this year’s Academy Awards. From the reports, Affleck was the one who decided to seek help due to problems with alcohol abuse. Affleck made the announcement in the form of a Facebook post. He wrote that alcohol addiction is something that he has dealt with in the past and something that he’ll continue to combat in the future. The fact that he wants to be a good father to his three children is cited as one of the biggest motivations for the decision to check into rehab. Affleck also wrote there’s no shame in admitting one has a problem and looking for assistance. He also stated that it was much easier for him to go through the program with the support he received from his family in a time of need. Affleck acknowledges in the conclusion of his post, that this is the first of many steps to be made on his road to recovery. He realizes the combatting alcoholism is a lifelong process. Taking the First Step While Affleck’s story is far from unique, it sheds some light on the importance of openness and removing the stigma of shame. So many alcoholics are ashamed, so many delude themselves and refuse to recognize the problem. To start the process of recovery, you first be willing to figure out and admit if you have an alcohol problem. There are many self-assessment tools that can be used for the purpose. Some of these are even available for free online. How often do you have a drink? How many alcohol-containing drinks do you consume in a typical day? How often do you find yourself incapable of quitting drinking once you’ve started? Do you need a drink in the morning to prepare yourself for the day? The answers will provide a lot of valuable information and they’ll force you take a deeper look at yourself. Once you recognized there’s a problem, it’s time to seek assistance. Facing alcoholism and addiction on your own can be uncomfortable and challenging to say the least, but contacting the right rehab center can increase your chances of success in sobriety exponentially. What does Treatment for Alcoholism Look Like? Now that you’ve recognized there’s a problem and you’ve sought assistance, it’s time to begin the actual detox and recovery process. In the beginning, you’ll have to do a thorough detox. Detoxing is a process during which your body is getting rid of foreign or toxic buildup. When you’re dependent on alcohol, you’ll experience some withdrawal symptoms. These include anxiety, mood swings, muscle tremors, sweating, confusion and restlessness. This is where support comes in, helping you to keep moving forward, even when it appears to be impossible. After the Detox Process A good recovery program will take a holistic approach towards combating your alcohol dependence. You’ll go through a spiritual awakening, you’ll work on improving your relationships with the people that you love and enhancing your physical fitness. You will also focus on self-care and improvement. Yoga, meditation, and learning life skills are just some of the tools that a good center will provide you. In addition to the holistic program, you will need both healthcare and emotional support to complete the first phase of your journey successfully. Just like Ben Affleck, you can reclaim your life. Making a conscious decision to seek assistance is difficult. Yes, the journey of recovery will be difficult. Yes, you’ll have to keep working the program every single day. Still, the results will be worth it. You will experience freedom and you’ll have the tools needed to build healthy relationships and dream big.