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5 Ways for Families to Support Their Loved One in Recovery

family-support-recoveryEarly recovery is challenging both for the person in recovery and their loved ones. Addiction is a family disease, and family involvement in recovery is beneficial for everyone. However, those struggling with addiction often isolate themselves from family and loved ones, even though it’s a time where they need that connection most.

It’s so helpful for family members to get involved with their loved one’s recovery, as long as it’s appropriate. Demonstrating your support lays the groundwork for lifelong sobriety.

1. Be patient.

Recovery is full of changes, and it can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Your loved one may be worried about what recovery will be like and stressed about what to expect in treatment. Your attitude can make all the difference, so try not to serve as another source of stress. This is new for everyone, so be patient with your loved one and yourself, and don’t take anything personally.

2. Get educated on addiction.

With your loved one in recovery, it helps to understand the science behind addiction and how effective treatment works. Taking an interest in understanding what your loved one is going through is a sign of your commitment to helping them heal. Learning about addiction also offers a straightforward explanation of how addiction happens instead of blaming your loved one – or yourself.

3. Engage in your loved one’s recovery.

At Segue Recovery Support, we encourage family members to take on a more active role in their loved one’s recovery. In addition to connecting our clients with resources that bolster their recovery, we also provide resources for families. Whether you’re getting involved in 12 Step meetings or going to family therapy, doing things together can help you understand your loved one’s relationship with substances and introduce you to people who share similar experiences.

Individual therapy offers a space for you to openly express your emotions and discuss the difficulties of what it’s been like to parent or live with someone who has been in active addiction. A strong foundation that includes family support is critical to a lasting recovery, and your commitment to your loved one during this new stage of life can make a huge difference.

4. Make yourself a priority.

It’s so important to remember to take care of yourself. With your loved one in recovery, you’ve likely spent the last few months or years worrying about their well-being so much that you’ve neglected your own. But it’s OK to make yourself a priority. Get plenty of rest, eat well and exercise. Catch up on work, spend time with friends you haven’t seen in a while, and get back in touch with the things that bring you happiness.

5. Be prepared.

Every person in recovery needs a relapse prevention plan, and loved ones need to be involved. At Segue Recovery Support, our Peer Recovery Support Specialists are highly skilled in identifying relapse behaviors long before a relapse occurs and can work with family and loved ones to take preventative measures.

Parents, spouses, family members and friends often set up obstacles to their loved one’s recovery, despite having good intentions. Segue’s Family Support Services can undo the unhealthy long-term patterns and facilitate a life-changing breakthrough for your family. For more information about our Family Support Services, contact a Segue Recovery Specialist at 1-833-485-0789.