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Feeling Unmotivated? Here’s How to Get Moving

Life’s full of ups and downs. Some days, you might struggle to find your motivation – especially in the past few months, while quarantining at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s understandable to have trouble getting it together now and again, but if you need help breaking out of a rut, follow these tips.

1. Accept That It’s OK to Be Imperfect

Even in the best of times, nobody has all the answers – and a worldwide pandemic is hardly the ideal scenario for anyone. The sooner you recognize that no one expects you to be perfect, the more quickly you can overcome a slump and move on. Cut yourself a little bit of slack and acknowledge there’s nothing wrong with experiencing a low point, especially in this challenging year.

2. Don’t Be Ashamed to Seek Support

Asking for help when you feel unmotivated doesn’t make you weak – it means you’re wiser than most. If you’re having a tough time of things, and anxiety about the pandemic is making you feel worse, explore online support resources or seek a counselor who offers remote therapy through video and online chat. Don’t resort to your old, self-destructive coping mechanisms when more services are available to you than ever before.

3. Do Something You Enjoy

One surefire way to jumpstart your motivation is to have a go-to list of activities that cheer you up. Call a sober supporter, put on upbeat music, find a comedy special on Netflix or dive into a chore you’ve been procrastinating on. Taking action is the best way to counter a lack of motivation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, go to a quiet room and sit still with your thoughts for a few minutes until things start to feel more manageable.

4. Make a List

Have you been paralyzed by indecision? Write down all your negative thoughts and feelings, then create a list of what steps you can take to counteract them. Writing down your worries can help you organize your thoughts, and is also a beneficial outlet for stress relief. Your problems will start to feel more manageable when you’ve made a plan for dealing with them.

5. Reward Yourself With Self-Care

If you’ve been struggling with a lack of motivation and find yourself getting easily distracted, break your to-dos into small, manageable tasks. Then, when you accomplish each task, give yourself a break to do a rewarding self-care activity like taking a bath or doing yoga.

Avoiding Negativity in Addiction Recovery

Don’t let yourself get caught in a crippling spiral of feeling unmotivated. Take things one day at a time with these helpful tips. And, if you’re seeking a community of sober supporters to help you get through tough times, contact us at Segue Recovery Support. Our three levels of housing provide a transition between addiction treatment and real-world challenges.