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How Hope Helps

hopeHope is a four-letter word with a lot of force when it comes to addiction recovery. In fact, many go so far to say that it’s the foundation of recovery. Think about it: If you don’t have hope, you won’t have the motivation to create a better life for yourself.

Hope gives us the ability to dream about a sober future and the courage to meet small and large goals. What’s more, it helps us stay positive and open-minded to new skills to improve ourselves. Hope helps you to answers the question, “Why bother?”

Finding Hope in Recovery Unfortunately, having hope isn’t always so simple. The good news: You have it in you and there are ways to bring it out. Try one of these suggestions to feel more hopeful about your new sober life:

  • Seek out optimism. Hope and optimism are linked and now is the time to find those positive people, things and experiences that will fuel your emotional engine in a good way. You’ll need optimism and hope to brings some sunshine on those dark days we all experience during recovery.
  • Look for inspiration. Inspiration can come in many forms and can certainly lead to hope. Get inspired by reading other stories of recovery or play some uplifting music or start a journal filled with inspirational quotes – the possibilities are endless.
  • Set smart goals. Reaching a goal – even a small one – is a great way to develop confidence and hope in a successful recovery. If done properly, goal setting can be a great recovery activity to keep you moving toward a positive and hopeful future.  Just be careful to avoid any unrealistic goals that can lead to feelings of failure or despair.

Hope for a Sober, Successful Future At Spearhead, we help young adults create a vision of their new sober life and then work together to achieve that vision. To learn more about our approach to addiction treatment, call us today: 888-483-0528.