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Making an Informed Decision About Drug Rehab

drug-rehab-austinAs hard as it can be to accept that someone you know is addicted, it can be even harder to accept they need to check in to a drug rehab. At this point you need to make all kinds of decisions. Where do you even start? How can you proceed, who is there for you to talk to? You may not even know what questions to ask. The process can leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, and you are not even the one suffering from a chemical dependency. If this happens, remember your end goal: to have the person you love come back to the surface, drug or alcohol free, and living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Looking at things like this can give you the motivation you need to move forward. The first thing you need to understand is that making the right decision for your loved one starts with asking the right questions. Here are a few you can keep in mind as you begin to look around for a drug rehab. What’s their success rate? Start by getting real. Talk with the program’s alumni if you can, you want real-world experience. The more alumni you can talk with, the better. What methods do they use? Is this a holistic rehab facility that will address the whole spectrum of factors contributing to your loved one’s addiction – not just the physical and psychological, but emotional and spiritual as well? The more therapeutic avenues they take, the better. Addiction affects every area of an addict’s life; the program must be prepared to tackle all aspects. What additional services can they provide? Do you need to stage an intervention? Will your loved one require detox services before beginning treatment? Are there any pending legal issues? Ask the facility if they provide the specific services your loved one needs, and if they don’t, do they have referral partners that provide these services. Who makes up their staff? You’re looking for a facility that is staffed by professionals with plenty of experience specifically dealing with substance abuse and the many related issues it brings. People who have a solid track record, rather than merely fancy certifications or advanced degrees. Take your time to get to know the staff, and ask them tough questions such as, “Why do you work in the field of addiction recovery?”. Speaking with the staff will help you identify the sincerity of their overall mission. What do they do for follow up? It’s crucial to know that the alcohol or drug rehab which you’re looking at will take a caring attitude towards making sure their client — the person you love — will continue succeeding in their recovery when they walk out the front door at the end of the program. Good programs take a structured approach towards staying in touch and making sure they remain relevant in the person’s life following graduation. What is the price tag? Don’t strike a facility off your list simply because you get sticker shock at first glance. Look at the program’s price relative to the services they offer. Try and judge the facility’s value, not the cost. To be fair, the facilities which offer more charge more. But the person you love will have much better odds at succeeding if they go to a drug rehab in which delivers better and more complete treatment. making-an-informed-decision-about-drug-rehab_seo-blog