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Men, women and addiction: Why are there more men than women in relapse programs?

Because of genetic differences, studies show that men and women recover from alcohol and drugs differently.  Therefore, the approach should also vary.  However, at many drug and alcohol recovery centers, the issue of gender is often overlooked as a sort of misnomer with the majority of facilities treating the ‘majority’ versus the individual. Studies show that having a gender-specific approach also allows rehab centers the opportunity to focus more on individual needs that may be specific to one gender but not the other. For instance, with a women’s drug and alcohol rehab program, some of the core principles for rehab may be centered around:

  • Addressing the unique health concerns of women
  • Looking at the socioeconomic issues that many of the women in rehab are facing
  • Recognizing the significance that personal relationships play in women’s lives
  • Addressing concerns surrounding motherhood familial relationships

At BRC Recovery, we know and understand that one cannot simply handle drug and alcohol recovery with a mass approach. Rather it is necessary to take each individual and sit down with him or her to construct an effective combination of techniques to help recovering addicts (whether they are men or women) heal quickly and realize their dream of sobriety.

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