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Nostalgia During Recovery: What You Should Know

nostalgiaIt’s easy to get nostalgic during this time of year, especially as you’re beginning to form new supports and new sober traditions. The holidays can bring on feelings of sadness or loneliness – and this alone can trigger nostalgia. Often defined as “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past,” nostalgia has both a positive and negative side during recovery. It can be a great reminder of why you’re working so hard in your recovery, especially if you’re recalling memories that help motivate you to stay sober. Nostalgia for old friends or past parties can be dangerous, however, because it may cause you to romanticize or daydream about using. When you’re feeling nostalgic, you tend to dwell on the positive — and you forget about all the hurt and/or embarrassment that came along with a life of addiction. If you’re not careful, this type of nostalgia can be a slippery slope into relapse. That said, know that feelings of nostalgia are likely at some point during recovery and you’re not broken. So how do you prevent nostalgia from derailing your hard work? Well, you can’t force yourself to stop feeling nostalgic, but you can make sure you don’t wallow in it by redirecting any thoughts that may harm your recovery. Try to force yourself to recall all those things you don’t miss about using drugs and/or alcohol. You can also take steps to stay busy and to surround yourself with supportive people who will help you make new memories – one’s that you’ll hopefully look back on as you build a new, better, sober life! Make New Memories at Segue Recovery To learn about our addiction services and how we can help support you or someone you love through that crucial first year of recovery and beyond, call us today: 833-485-0789.