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Simple Daily Habits to Ensure a “Happy New Year” 

habits new yearWhen you’re in recovery, you make resolutions each day as you work to replace the self-destructive bad habits of active addiction with healthier, pro-sobriety ones. But which daily habits will really make you happy and ensure that 2019 is filled with sobriety, success, joy and fulfillment? Here are some ideas to consider: Identify your strengths, not just your weaknesses: Unfortunately, far too many people in recovery only focus on the negative – their weaknesses or failures – instead of the positive strengths that allow you to be the best you. It’s these personal strengths that will help you endure and ensure lasting recovery. Take time to think about yours – for example:

  • Compassion
  • Loyalty
  • Intelligence
  • Wit
  • Creativity
  • A sense of humor
  • The ability to love others
  • Determination

Surround yourself with positive people: Make it a point to seek relationships with friends and family who truly support your recovery and encourage you when you feel stressed or tempted or when you reach a milestone. This may mean making a bigger effort to make new friends by attending support groups or group therapy sessions. Take stress management seriously: Chronic stress can lead to relapse, but luckily there are some practical strategies to help you deal with the ups and downs of life. This includes learning to say “no” to excessive requests or invitations, putting your recovery needs first, taking time to slow down and making relaxation techniques like journaling, meditation, yoga and exercise a part of your daily life. Redefine fun: A big part of staying sober is finding joy without the presence of alcohol or drugs and this means finding ways to have sober fun. Be proactive and plan some activities that you used to like prior to addiction and/or that you’ve always thought would be interesting and enjoyable. For example: go to a museum or local play, revisit a hobby like cooking or sewing, try a new sport, take a class or volunteer with an organization close to your heart. Count your blessings: Be grateful for the little things – a smile, nice weather, sharing at a meeting – and remind yourself daily about the many positives in your life thanks to recovery. Feeling gratitude for everything that you’re blessed with will help you stay strong during the difficult moments. A New Year With Makana Path If you have yet to take that first step toward lasting recovery, there’s no better time to start than today. We can help you heal your mind, body and spirit, and empower you to recreate the life you’ve always wanted. To learn more about our Intensive Healing Program, call today: 866-922-0776.