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Sober Spring in Austin

springWith the spring season comes fresh inspiration and motivation, a desire to start anew. One way to take advantage of the energy and spirit of spring is to seek out fulfilling activities and leisure opportunities to help you fill your newly found sober hours. New interests and recreational activities help prevent relapse, boost self-confidence and create a sense of fulfillment in your sober life.

Reaping the Benefits of Spring

Whether you take an excursion to the mountains or stroll around your local park, getting active and out into the fresh air during spring can do wonders for your recovery. For one, you can reap the benefits of sunshine and nature. Being outdoors recharges your body with mood- and immune-boosting vitamins and hormones, including Vitamin D, melatonin and serotonin. Being in nature also improves your mental health and spiritual well-being. It allows you to feel a sense of unity with nature, humanity and a Higher Power that can sustain you through the ups and downs of recovery. Meditating on natural beauty and enjoying the outdoors with friends can be a therapeutic experience; it can restore your ability to feel pleasure, reawaken your sense of awe and remind you that you can have fun without drugs or alcohol.

Springtime in Austin

There is always something fun going on here, especially in the spring. Grab a recovery peer or loved one, pack some healthy snacks and check out one of these free outdoor activities.

  • Mayfield Park: Get ready to be greeted by the two dozen or so resident peafowl; look for them in the trees, on the rooftops, lying in the gardens and just wandering the grounds. During early spring, the peacocks court the females by fanning their tails.
  • Mount Bonnell: Take a scenic hike up Mount Bonnell, where you can take in some spectacular views of the city. Or head to Bull Creek or River Place Nature Trail, or another free favorite hiking spot.
  • Ann & Roy Butler Hike & Bike Trail: Ride a bike along this Austin hot-spot, or one of the city’s other bike trails.
  • Barton Creek Greenbelt: This Austin staple is bound to be crowded over spring break, so go early and beat the locals and tourists who flock here to relax or hike or play in the water.
  • Secret Beach and Roy G. Guerrero Park: This free beach is sizzling hot in the summer, so going in the spring is a much better idea!

Sober Living In Austin

Austin provides a wide range of activities in and around town that you and your friends in recovery can enjoy together – from arts and music to sports and food. What’s more, Austin offers many great resources to those in recovery, including fellowship meetings, recovery conferences, sober lounges and community centers. At BRC Recovery, we can help you begin your journey to sober living in Austin. Our sober living apartments and sober living homes provide the support and environment needed to discover a life of freedom in sobriety. To learn more, contact our Admissions Team today: 866-461-1759.