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Spring Clean Your Recovery Routine

spring clean recoveryWith spring comes the chance to open up those windows and freshen up your home. For many, the season also marks a new beginning and a chance to clear out any old habits to make room for self-growth and renewal. It’s the ideal time to freshen up your recovery.

Spring Cleaning: Where to Start?

Spring cleaning your recovery routine can seem like an overwhelming task, leaving you unsure of what to do and where to start. One way to begin is to think about key areas for sustaining your sobriety, and then tackle one or two at a time. Of course, determining which areas need tending is highly individual and will depend on how many years of sobriety you have under your belt. We all have strengths and weaknesses — and this goes for your recovery routine, too. For example, maybe you’re great at staying active but can’t quite get a handle on calming, relaxation strategies like meditation. Or, perhaps you have a knack for setting long-term goals but fall short when it comes to prioritizing and organizing your day-to-day living.

Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Here’s a look at a few areas crucial to staying sober — and how you can freshen them up this season.

  • Support network: An important part of renewing your recovery this spring is nurturing good relationships and weeding out the bad. For example, do you have any toxic relationships in your life? Have you set healthy boundaries? Do you need to change up your meetings or spend more time with your rehab peers?
  • Self-care: Self-care should be at the top of your spring-cleaning list. Especially in early recovery, you and your sobriety come first, so take a look at your schedule and make sure you’re allotting enough time for self-care. This includes caring for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.
  • Healthy habits: Take a look at your recovery routine and ask yourself: Are you in a workout rut? Have you been overindulging in dessert since Halloween? Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are you keeping up with relaxation strategies? Think about one or two habits you can tweak to make a little healthier.
  • Goals and motivation: Spring is a wonderful season to revisit any big goals and check on your progress. It’s also a great time to set some small attainable ones that can keep you motivated and inspired in your recovery.
  • Hobbies: What hobby can make you happy? Investing just a small amount of time doing something creative and that you’re passionate about — gardening, cooking, painting, writing — can do wonders for your mental health and overall happiness.
  • Relapse prevention: No matter what stage of your recovery, it’s crucial to stay aware of all the various (and subtle) triggers for your brain and body. Ask yourself: Are you getting enough rest? Are you regularly attending support groups? Are you becoming overconfident? When was the last time you tweaked your relapse prevention plan?

Staying Rejuvenated at Segue

We offer case management and recovery coaching to keep clients and their families engaged in recovery all season long. For more information about how our services can help you or someone you care about, contact us: 833-485-0789.