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Stress Relief: 5 Things You Should Do for Yourself While Social Distancing

Have you recently caught yourself frantically scrolling through your newsfeed in search of the latest updates, while simultaneously stress-snacking on junk foods? There are better ways to cope with coronavirus-related anxieties, even in self-isolation. Here are five tips for stress relief you can try in these unprecedented times.

1. Meditate

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation for years – better mental equilibrium, lower blood pressure, less anxiety, improved memory and more self-discipline, to name a few – but if you’ve never tried it in earnest before, now’s the time. Meditation is an excellent way to quiet your mind, organize your thoughts and focus on what’s important. If you thought the only “correct” way to meditate was to sit still and breathe deeply, think again. You can use a variety of different techniques to bring mindfulness into your life, so use your time in quarantine to experiment until you find one that resonates with you.

2. Limit Your Time Online

Constant consumption of news is always stressful, but even more so when a pandemic is ravaging the globe. If you need some stress relief, install an app on your phone or computer to block specific websites where you know you tend to spend too much time. Then, re-dedicate those hours to something that helps you relax, such as taking a bath, doing yoga, reading, walking around your neighborhood or doing family bonding activities such as board games.

3. Pick up a New Hobby

There’s no time like self-quarantine to teach yourself something new. Unleash your creativity with crafts such as knitting, baking or woodworking, or mentally challenge yourself by enrolling in a course that will help beef up your resume. If there are any school subjects you now regret daydreaming your way through, here’s your chance to go back and make a second pass – it’ll probably stick better this time.

4. Make Time to Laugh

Finding the humor in everyday situations may be more of a challenge lately, but laughter is still the best medicine for stress relief. Whether you find solace in classic comedies, standup specials or within the pages of comedic books, a hearty laugh is often just what you need to feel a nearly instant pick-me-up and chase away your worries.

5. Know That We’re All in This Together

COVID-19 has affected communities large and small from all around the globe. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious and need some stress relief, accept that social distancing measures are still the best weapon we know of to fight the spread of coronavirus until medical experts come up with a viable vaccine. Instead of worrying about an uncertain future, accept that this pandemic has changed everyone’s way of life, and that we all crave a return to normalcy.

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Your safety remains our highest priority during the coronavirus epidemic, which is why we’ve taken every possible precaution to ensure our campus remains free of COVID-19 symptoms. We believe coronavirus concerns shouldn’t hold you back from seeking a sober living home if you need a transition to a healthy life outside an addiction treatment center. Reach out today to learn more.