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Taking Care of Your Whole Self in Recovery 

caring for whole selfWhen you’re recovering from a substance use disorder and/or a co-occurring mental illness, caring for your whole self is paramount. This means paying attention to your physical, spiritual and emotional health – which are all connected and linked to your lasting sober and overall wellness. According to Mental Health America (MHA), incorporating joy, spirit and relaxation into your life is one way to develop resiliency and stay healthy during recovery. MHA says the four C’s to joy, spirit and relaxation are connect with yourself, connect with others, connect to your community and create joy and satisfaction. By keeping in mind these four C’s, you can increase the likelihood that you stay strong, sober and healthy. Here’s a closer look how you can incorporate the four C’s into your recovery plan:

  • Connect with yourself: Making a point to check in with yourself periodically will help you to evaluate where you are in your recovery and whether you need to readjust your recovery plan and/or try new coping techniques. Ask yourself: How am I feeling? Are all my emotional and physical needs being bet? Am I practicing self-care and good hygiene? Do I have enough support? You might even consider keeping a journal to help learn more about yourself and your recovery.
  • Connect with others: Spending time with positive, loving people who support your recovery can help ease stress, boost your mood and eliminate loneliness. Reach out to trusted friends and family members and recovery peers, and attend support groups to meet new people. According to MHA, having enough support means having at least a few friends or family members who you feel comfortable with, confide in, help solve problems, make you feel valued and take your concerns seriously.
  • Connect to your community: While it’s important to connect to the addiction recovery community, you can also connect to your local community by looking for activities that you enjoy. For instance, join a local hiking or running group or sports league. You can also consider volunteering – which is a great way to meet like-minded people, give back and gain perspective on your new sober life.
  • Create joy and satisfaction: Recovery is hard work and you deserve some sober fun in your life. Try out a few hobbies – perhaps something you once loved as a kid or something you’ve always wanted to try. Take time to laugh and enjoy nature. And make meditation and/or other relaxation strategies part of your every day.

Finding Support at Segue For more information about how our addiction recovery services can help you or someone you love care for your physical, spiritual and emotional health in order to be your best sober self, contact a Segue Recovery Specialist today: 833-485-0789.