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Testimonial from Dawn Smulski

“On March 1st, 2018, my daughter began her “Rebirth Day” as I like to call it. She was 27 years old. There was no cake or party, but there was indeed a gift. The most wonderful, incredible, miraculous gift she had ever received. It was the gift of sobriety! After surviving over half a decade in highly active opioid addiction, my daughter was finally ready to do whatever it took to get healthy and to LIVE. Once BRC physically had her in their care, I could finally take a breath. I spent the entire day in bed crying, praying and recovering from the hell I had been living in as a parent of an addict. It was the first time I truly felt supported. The emotional burden, fear, desperation, frustration, anger, disrespect, game of charades, the not knowing…… I let it all go! I knew she was safe. I knew she was in the best hands possible. I knew this because of the miracles that taken place in the weeks and days leading up to her acceptance and arrival to BRC.

There were weekly phones call from her case manager to start, then letters from my daughter, then a weekly phone call. Eventually, six weeks later, a face-to-face visit on family weekend. The changes I saw in that period filled me with hope and gratitude. I recognized my sweet sunshine girl again. She had a sparkle in her eyes, a smile on her face, and she looked healthy. She was mentally sharp, conversational, warm and engaging. She was back! Oh,how I had missed her! My daughter was one of the lucky ones who received a three-month residential scholarship to BRC. She then went on to sober living and participated in the Seque program for 12 months. After 18 months of the BRC recovery path, she was thriving. She fought for her life and won! It wasn’t always easy or pretty, and it certainly wasn’t fun. I can tell you; it was worth it. She found herself, moreover, even reinvented herself as a sober adult for the very first time in her life.

BRC Healthcare provided the right amount of education, resources, structure, accountability, and community to give her a second chance at life. This program is like no other she had ever been to. It truly worked for her. It was everything a treatment center should be and so much more. Five years have gone by since that day in March. Lots of healing, growth, living and happy memories have been made since then. We are forever grateful for BRC for giving us all our lives back. Their name says it all. They do BRING REAL CHANGE!! Thank You BRC.”

Forever Grateful,

Dawn Smulski