Bountiful Recovery at BRC

BRC Recovery residents worked hand in hand this summer to produce a bountiful fall harvest and there is, perhaps, no better metaphor for the process of recovery. Even as Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the East Coast, we are reminded of the gifts of nature, forces beyond our control and the rewards of hard work and patience.

Just as Mark Houston’s mantra of “chop wood, carry water” emphasized the daily disciplines of recovery, today’s BRC residents roll up their sleeves with an equal combination of purpose and faith. “After all,”says Marsha Stone, CEO, “you can’t grow a garden with just good intentions.”

In the coming months, homegrown peppers, and tomatoes (as well as other vegetable varieties) will grace the tables of BRC Recovery.

As we repair our bodies, minds and spirits, we are reminded of a simple natural order: we occupy a space between earth and sky and once free of our self-destructive ways, bloom.

About the Author:

Nina James is a writer and web content editor based in Bel Air, Maryland. She is also a grateful, former resident of BRC Recovery.