Breathing Through Recovery: Inner Healing and Self-Awareness

Individuals can achieve lasting recovery and a fulfilling life through several initiatives, and inner healing and self-awareness are two important aspects of the recovery process. Holotropic Breathwork™ is a powerful experiential process that allows an individual to connect with the unhealed parts of themselves that are often behind addiction.

Many therapies only engage the mind, but Holotropic Breathwork™ is a fully integrated healing process of the mind, body and spirit. This week we are lucky to have Christine Calvert, LCDC, and Brenda Lee Gauthier, LCSW, LCDC , both certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioners, join us for several workshops. Our recovery community is benefiting from this approach that combines music, breathing and safe and supportive environment to induce an expanded state of awareness.

Each participant will access the natural healing of the psyche and by expressing repressed emotions they can move towards healing. No session is ever the same; the material brought up in an individual’s session is unique to them.  With reoccurring themes, the Holotropic Breathwork™ process can also include bodywork, art integration and group sharing. We are thrilled to have both Christine and Brenda share this amazing modality to further expand on the recovery of our residents.

Other elements of the Breathwork process include energy release work, drawing mandalas at the end of the session, and group sharing.