Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is more complex that its simple name would lead you to believe. It’s defined as the ability to be fully present in the moment, aware of what we’re doing and where we are, without being overwhelmed by the things happening around us. While this state is natural, some people struggle more than others with maintaining it in their day-to-day lives. Luckily, it’s fully possible to cultivate mindfulness through dedicated practice. Mindfulness can be practiced through a variety of proven techniques. Perhaps the most well-known of these is meditation. What you may not have heard is that […]

Dual Diagnosis: Treating Addiction and Mental Illness

Mental Illness and Addiction

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Mental illness and addiction are diseases that affect people of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Unfortunately, they often combine to create a complicated mix of issues. In 2014, over 20 million American adults had a substance use disorder – of these, roughly half also had a mental illness. Experiencing these two issues at the same time is referred to as dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder. This can make treating addiction more difficult, but if handled correctly, addressing both of these concerns simultaneously will result in better quality of life and improved outcomes over time. […]

How to Manage Chronic Pain Without Opioids

Chronic Pain

An estimated 50 million Americans live each day with chronic pain. Until recently, opioids were the drug of choice for everything from osteoarthritis to fibromyalgia. Without knowledge of their addictive properties, doctors had no way of understanding how detrimental these prescriptions would be; today, over 11.4 million people have misused these medications, and 2.1 million have an opioid use disorder. No one should have to suffer from either chronic pain or addiction. We believe that symptoms can be managed successfully without these highly addictive substances.   Opioids vs. Opiates We should begin by explaining what exactly these substances are. While […]

Holistic Addiction Treatment: Healing the Whole Person

Holistic Addiction Treatment

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment? At BRC Recovery, our treatment philosophy involves caring for the whole patient throughout the entire continuum of care. From intervention to treatment and aftercare, we seek to empower our clients to live fulfilling, productive lives in recovery. We’re very proud to offer a holistic approach to recovery. Addiction is a disease that affects every aspect of your life, not just your physical fitness or your mental health. Therefore, it stands to reason that it is best treated with a comprehensive approach. BRC Recovery services are designed to care for the whole patient: mind, body, and […]

Stress Awareness Month: The Stress-Addiction Link

stress awareness month

In honor of Stress Awareness Month this April, we’re shining a light on stress and addiction. We all experience stress and it can even be useful when it helps us react to imminent danger or motivates us to take the proper course of action or perform better. For most people, occasional stress is normal and doesn’t pose a health threat. Chronic stress, on the other hand, can cause lasting physical and mental problems, including a vicious cycle of addiction. Without the right tools to manage stress, some people self-medicate with mood-altering substances. A seemingly innocent drink to de-stress after work […]

 Alcohol Awareness Month: Stages of Alcoholism

alcohol awareness month

It’s Alcohol Awareness Month, founded and sponsored by The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (now Facing Addiction with NCADD) in an effort to reduce stigma and raise awareness about the prevention and treatment of alcohol abuse and addiction. The pressure to drink alcohol is everywhere, notes Facing Addiction. One in every 12 adults, or 17.6 million people, suffer from alcohol use disorder or alcohol dependence – and it doesn’t happen overnight. Like other types of addiction, it’s a progressive disease that happens in stages. In fact, some experts say it can begin well before you pick up a […]

Lessons in Self-Compassion: Be Kind to Yourself for a Better Recovery


For many people in recovery, self-compassion is a real challenge. Most of us want to be kinder to ourselves, but our self-critical, perfectionist tendencies often stand in the way. What’s more, many people confuse self-compassion with a get-out-of-jail-free card. Self-compassion doesn’t let you off the hook for your mistakes, but it does give you the ability to accept your mistakes, learn from them and try again. What Is Self-Compassion? The word compassion means “suffer with.” Perhaps the easiest way to understand self-compassion, then, is to think about the tenderness and understanding you would offer a loved one who is suffering. […]

Sleep Awareness Week: The Role of Sleep in Recovery

Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep Awareness Week, created by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), begins this weekend and it’s the perfect time to talk about how proper sleep can play a powerful role in your recovery. This year’s theme is “Begin with Sleep,” and the campaign is designed to highlight the “importance of good sleep health for individuals to best achieve their personal, family, and professional goals,” according to the NSF. There are countless benefits of a good night’s sleep. For those in recovery, regular, restorative sleep can help you feel more present, focused, energetic and emotionally balanced. It can also ensure that you […]