Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Relapse

Chronic Relapse

While countless people succeed in their first or second attempt at sobriety, others struggle to leave their addiction behind for good. With the myriad temptations and stressors of day-to-day life, it’s vital to build your recovery on a concrete foundation. This is why many people require a specific program tailored to chronic relapse patterns. Fortunately, with proper, evidence-based treatment, healing is possible.   What is Chronic Relapse? Because addiction is a disease, it is similar to other ailments such as diabetes or hypertension in its relapse potential. Those who fail to adhere to their ongoing treatment plans – such as […]

Bye Bye Comfort Zone


2017 Opioid & Heroin Mississippi Drug Summit Last week I had the honor of attending the 2017 Opioid & Heroin Mississippi Drug Summit. What a groundbreaking time. From police officers to child protective service workers to church and treatment center counselors to narcotics bureau agents to professional baseball players in recovery to media reporters from Mississippi Today – the event was packed with people from all walks of life. The common denominator was their interest in addressing the addiction epidemic sweeping this country. I have never been a part of such a collaborative and impactful event. Some months ago my […]

The Flying Trapeze

What’s the lesson here? So today is the day. For my birthday my friend gave me a two-hour flying trapeze lesson. She and I will go together, in just a few hours and brave the wire. A mixture of nerves and excitement, I find myself wondering… what’s the lesson here? My mind wanders to yesterday when my family and I had one of the busiest Saturdays on record. After a 5:30am wake up call, and a 7:00am start time for the playoff games in my son’s pee wee football league on a 42-degree field, followed by an 11am offsite meeting […]

Drug Relapse Help Texas Facilities in Demand

Drug Relapse Help in Austin,Texas Drug abuse is a problem that affects all levels of our society. It destroys lives (both of the user and of their loved ones), leads to criminality and leaves entire communities classed as “undesirable”. However, many believe that we need to treat drug abuse and addiction for what it is: a disease, not a crime. Fortunately a wide variety of  recovery resources are now available and it is clear there is an incredible demand for effective residential rehab programs, particularly in growing cities like Austin, Texas. If you suffer a relapse then it is paramount […]

Delusion and Alcoholism: Cunning, Baffling and Powerful

“Remember that we deal with alcohol- cunning, baffling, powerful.” The Big Book, 4th edition, Chapter 5, How it Works, page 58 Chronic relapse help for her daughter I had an occasion recently to be on the phone with a distraught mother seeking chronic relapse help for her daughter. Tearfully the mother described the progression of her child’s alcoholism, and with much candor and courage detailed the impact the disease has had on her entire family. She told of the little girl she raised, and of the hopes and dreams she had for her. She described her daughter as a teenager […]

BRC Recovery: Providing The Solution for Chronic Relapse

BRC Recovery The terms chronic relapse, 12 Step immersion, and long term continuum of care have become more common place in the field of addiction treatment and rehabilitation within the last few years. But what do these terms mean and what are their significance in determining successful outcomes from the crippling diseases of alcoholism and addiction? Long Term, Gender Specific Care For Men and Women With Addiction and Alcoholism At BRC Recovery, these terms make up the heartbeat of our program, founded in 2006, and still operational today as a pioneer of the extended care recovery residence movement. Our founder, […]