What Happens in Drug Rehab?

what happens in drug rehab

The unknown can be intimidating. When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and you want to get help, you might be concerned about what that help will look like for you. Most people do not have a clear picture of what happens in drug rehab. You’ll want to know what programs will be offered, whether you’ll have to go through detox, and how challenging it will be for you to complete. A better understanding of what happens in drug rehab will help you move forward with your decision to get help for your addiction. Working Through Emotions When you […]

Holistic Alcohol and Drug Rehab | A Whole-Person Approach to Recovery

holistic alcohol and drug rehab

Addiction does not just affect one area of your body or your life. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can impact every aspect of your physical health, your mental health, and your social interactions. A whole-person approach to recovery can provide the answer you need to your addiction challenges. In particular, a holistic alcohol and drug rehab program addresses the many areas that affect you as you move through recovery. The Holistic Approach to Recovery As Psychology Today reports, one size does not fit all when it comes to recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol. In fact, the American Society […]

A Look at Addiction and Recovery in the State of Texas

addiction and recovery in Texas

Drug and alcohol addiction affects people in every state in the US. Across the country, opioid abuse continues to present at crisis levels. In the state of Texas, the numbers are lower than many other states but are still staggering. A look at addiction and recovery in the state of Texas reveals some intriguing facts as well as hopes for an encouraging future of prevention and treatment. Addiction in Texas, by the Numbers The good news is that Texas has one of the lowest rates of drug overdose deaths involving opioids. While the national rate in 2017 was 14.6 deaths […]

Making an Informed Decision About Drug Rehab

As hard as it can be to accept that someone you know is addicted, it can be even harder to accept they need to check in to a drug rehab. At this point you need to make all kinds of decisions. Where do you even start? How can you proceed, who is there for you to talk to? You may not even know what questions to ask. The process can leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, and you are not even the one suffering from a chemical dependency. If this happens, remember your end goal: to have the person you […]

Create the Fellowship You Crave

My struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction My struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction began at the age of twelve years old. I have experienced darkness that neither I nor my family were prepared to encounter.  From multiple hospital and psychiatric unit stays, to jails and twenty-five residential treatment centers it continued for what felt like an eternity.  I was the garden variety drunk who chronically relapsed.  Nothing could keep me sober and I tried everything that I thought possibly would, except the 12 Steps of course.  I reconciled that I would likely spend the rest of my life in […]

Why Choose a Long Term Rehab?

One of our specialties at BRC Recovery is dealing with chronic relapsers, people who have attempted sobriety numerous times with several stints in rehab, but have been unsuccessful long-term. One of the major concerns and questions that anyone has after going through so many treatment centers, especially the loved ones and friends of the addict, is whether long-term rehabs are really worth it. Long-term rehab centers are usually seen as the last hope for people who want, hope, desire, and need sobriety. They are an intensive option which is well tailored to those who have significant drug or alcohol issues, […]

Life is a Privilege

Three years ago Three years ago, as I sat alone paralyzed by fear on yet another seedy motel bathroom floor, I was wondering why I had to experience a level of inexplicable internal pain for what seemed like so many years. The only explanation my besotted mind could believe was this suffering would one day be useful to someone else. I had heard for years that the solution to my self-centered condition was to “help someone else” or, “do something selfless for once in your life”. These notions seemed less than improbable to fill that seemingly insatiable hole within, that’s […]

10 Reasons BRC Is The Best Alcohol Rehab In Austin

BRC Recovery is making a name for itself in Austin and beyond as being one of the best recovery centers in the area, with the testimonials speaking for themselves. So what are the 10 reasons BRC Recovery is the best alcohol rehab in Austin? Let’s take a look. #1 – We offer intervention services. Intervention has been popularized by hit television series and people now think this is something they can do themselves. This is not true, however, as it must be strategically planned and executed by a Certified Drug and Alcohol Interventionist. Interventions can be highly successful but require […]