Tears into Determination

DETERMINATION Throughout the course of my journey in recovery there have been ups and downs, times of joy, and times of tribulation. One of the greatest joys of my recovery is the fact that my two oldest sons have joined me on this journey. I believe that because of their bearing witness to my own struggles and ultimate triumph they were able to raise their hands for help decades in their lifespan, before I had the voice to do so in my own. As I watched them struggle, surrender and rise again, the mom in me, and the treatment professional […]

Operations Supervisor Shane Renshaw

I’m Shane Renshaw. I’m the Operations Supervisor here at Benchmark. Basically my job is to take care of everything around here. This is all the property, all the buildings, all the cars, all the grounds. I coordinate the work ethic with the guys and the girls and just kind of lead by example. A lot of guys in here have never done any kind of work before and it’s pretty rewarding just to watch them come in not knowing what they’re doing to when the leave they’re wanting to come out here and work you know and be a part […]

3 Stages of Recovery with Marsha Stone

Marsha Stone, CEO Benchmark Recovery Center   The Benchmark Recovery program is designed as a three stage process. The first stage of that process is the Residential Program. It’s a 90-day minimum stay. Every resident is assigned a recovery manager that works with them and works with their family the entire length of their stay here. From the time they wake up in the morning, to the time they go to bed at night, the program is mindfully designed to institute the principles of recovery in the day to day activities of the resident.   They assimilate those ideas into their physical practices during […]

BRC Men Give Back

Men’s program at BRC Recovery On April 30th I had the pleasure of watching the residents of the Men’s program at BRC Recovery participate in a community service project. We spent all day at a Habitat for Humanity build-site in Manor, TX.  The men tackled all types of job, from picking up trash and painting cabinets to putting up fences and framing windows. Before arriving at the build-site, I knew there would be varying degrees of confidence and different skill sets among the residents. However, I was not prepared to witness the evidence of transformation in each of these men’s lives […]

BRC Recovery – Jesse McCraw Participates in the Shatterproof Challenge

Jesse McCraw Participates in the Shatterproof Challenge[MUSIC PLAYING] [WIND RUSHING BY] [MUSIC PLAYING] Shatterproof to me is an opportunity to bring awareness to addiction, and it has given me an opportunity to proclaim my recovery. Just standing on top of the building and looking around at the city that I grew up in, in a different aspect and a different angle just proves that today, my life is more than I could have ever imagined, the opportunities that I’ve been given through the work that I’ve done in recovery. “Shatterproof to me is an opportunity to bring awareness to addiction, […]

Step 2 – Michael Kerr

Mike Kerr, Recovery Coach Segue Program Benchmark Recovery Center   Hello, everyone, my name is Mike Kerr. I’m a recovery coach at the Segue program at Benchmark Recovery Center. A little over three years ago, I walked into the doors of Benchmark, and I was in a place where I was willing to hear an answer. I didn’t know what that answer was. I didn’t know what the answer looked like, but I needed an answer. What happened while I was there was incredible, considering that I walked in very humbled, humiliated and willing to hear something different, do something different, wanted to think […]

BRC Life Skills with Marsha Stone

After the 90-day residential program, residents who successfully complete the first phase of the BRC Recovery program are offered the opportunity to continue with extended levels of care. Most of the residents who come through this Austin rehabilitation center move into their sober living residences and participate in Segue, a 12-month aftercare monitoring program. This is the continuum of care so essential to long-term sobriety. Through guidance, accountability, and the learning of new skills, BRC residents prepare to re-enter society. Life skills is a critical part of learning to live sober. Many men and women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction lack adequate role […]

BRC Recovery Showcases New Video at Austin Symposium

Hi, my name is Marsha Stone, and I’m the CEO of BRC Recovery located just outside of Austin, Texas. BRC Recovery was founded in 2006 by a man named Mark Houston, who after working in treatment for 20 plus years, had a vision for a Recovery Center, who had a vision for an extended-care program. Mark was known worldwide as a 12 Step speaker, as a spiritual leader, as a visionary. And he started this miraculous place and developed this culture of recovery that maintains today. BRC Recovery is a 90-day residential program designed for men and women who are […]