unconscious enabling

What Is Unconscious Enabling?

Addiction affects the whole family: members who aren’t “addicts” typically take on other unhealthy roles, such as “hero” (trying to make everything better by being personally perfect), “scapegoat” (acting up to distract from the addiction), or “invisible man” (staying quietly out of the line...

Choosing Your Family in Recovery

Choosing Your Family in Recovery

One of the greatest features of recovery is that you are able to start over – it’s a second chance at life. As you let go of harmful habits and establish better ones, your overall quality of life improves. Many people find that asking...


Beautiful Bumpy Roads

BRC Recovery Recently, my family and I went on vacation to Nosara, Costa Rica. What a glorious week of sun and fun mixed with the rains and mud of the "green season". Swimming, surfing, ATV tour, horseback riding, and lots of good food and fellowship...