A Parent’s Perspective: Finding Help, Hope, and Health

My world was spinning out of control and I had no idea how to fix it. Of my four sons, one was dead of a drug overdose, and another was a severe alcoholic, although I didn’t really understand or believe that at the time. Relationships among family members were fraught with tension and unexpressed feelings, and my marriage had deteriorated severely. Figuratively speaking, I clung to each of my living sons fiercely, leaving my talon marks in their flesh. I demanded that my oldest son, who lives out of town, call me weekly; and I spent most of my time […]

Tears of God and Joy

Power you need! “Y’all I wanna tell you that God lives inside each and everyone of us! You have His power within you. And, you are responsible for your own happiness! You and you alone have the Power you need!” –Beyonce 🐝💙 I am a Beyonce fan. Like, a big Beyonce fan. As in, knowing I would be out of town the dates she was touring in Texas I flew to Atlanta to make sure I didn’t miss her Formation tour! Not going was not an option. I have always liked her music, admired her “girl power”, her rise to […]

Ethics in Action

Opportunity To Take A Family Trip Recently, some of my family and I had the opportunity to take a family trip to Charleston, South Carolina. My husband, an alumni of The Citadel, and my two youngest sons and I attended his 25th Class Reunion. Steeped in rich tradition and history, Charleston, as well as The Citadel, are amazing parts of our country’s development. As we walked around the barracks just prior to the Homecoming football game, I noticed a sign that read “Ethics in Action”. I inquired and was told that this is one the schools slogans that guide the […]

BRC Recovery Appears in Recovery Campus Magazine

Over the years at BRC Recovery My organic “introduction” to the field of treatment began in 2002, and I began working in this industry full time in 2009. Over the years at BRC Recovery I have seen the median age of our census go from individuals in their mid to late 30s to most recently individuals between the ages of 22-24. Truly, as the epidemic of addiction sweeps this nation, our clientele becomes younger and more clinically complicated. In short, our millennials are suffering and dying, and it is our responsibility to take note and for our milieu to evolve. […]

2015 BRC Alumni Reunion Recap

October 10, 2015 We are grateful to all of our alumni, family, and friends that joined us on October 10, 2015 for an unforgettable evening, full of fun and fellowship, as we celebrated recovery together with our first ever alumni group photo. If you were one of the few that unfortunately missed this jubilee here’s a quick rundown of events… Guests enjoyed mouthwatering Pappasito’s fajitas, create-your-own cupcakes by The Cupcake Bar, a mechanical bull, the infamous photobooth, a bouncy house, and face painting. Marsha Stone, CEO, gave her annual “State of the Union” address during the opening ceremony which included […]

It’s Hard to Hate Up Close

My name is Marsha Stone, and I am a person in long term recovery. I am gratefully sober and serene today, but this was not always the case. For years I was in and out of rehabilitation facilities, desperately trying to arrest my illness, all the while, hurting friends and families alike with the collateral damage associated with alcoholism. There are so many misconceptions in this country and throughout the world about what addiction means, and further about what recovery means. Many see alcoholism and addiction as an illness of the weak willed, a moral failing of some sort, and […]

Anniversaries and Old T-Shirts

Mark Houston Recovery I was cleaning out my closet the other day and my eyes rested on all the work shirts I have. Short sleeves, long sleeves, button downs, hoodies, even tie dyes- all with Mark Houston Recovery or Benchmark Recovery Center monogrammed smartly on them. When I look at those shirts I am reminded of years of hard work, love and sacrifice. Tears of joy and tears of sorrow have been cried in those shirts. August 2009 I was pulling into the HEB on Hwy 620 in Round Rock. I received a text from Mark Houston inquiring whether I […]

A Parent’s Perspective: Raising Your Children is Never Easy

Raising your children is never an easy task, but when you know they are in trouble and you can’t fix things, your heart shatters. I remember clearly the day my son said, “I need help Mom and I am ready for rehab.” I can’t begin to express all the thought’s going on in my mind at that time. Being a nurse I immediately started “the research project”…calling rehabs everywhere sometimes late at night with tears running down my face. Nothing felt right until I called BRC Recovery, formerly Mark Houston Recovery, and the voice on the other end of the […]