avoid loneliness in self-quarantine

How to Avoid Loneliness in Self-Quarantine

Staying at home and keeping your distance from others is critical for your physical health during the coronavirus outbreak. It is equally important, though, that you continue to care for your mental and emotional health as well. Taking steps to understand how to avoid...


5 Ways Meditation Can Boost Addiction Recovery

Genuine recovery requires you to address the underlying emotional causes of addiction, which is aided by evidence-based clinical therapies and alternative approaches, like meditation. Meditation and addiction couldn’t be more different. One is about checking in and being present in the moment, while the...


The Role of Spirituality in Addiction Treatment

In the treatment community, we often define addiction as an emotional, physical and spiritual problem. While countless studies can back the emotional and physical aspects of the disease of addiction, as well as the evidence-based therapeutic modalities that are used to treat them, spirituality...