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Emotionally Numb? How to Deal with Anhedonia

Everyone has good days and bad days. Sometimes, though, you don’t feel either emotion. You just feel kind of blah, with no emotions of any kind. When you are emotionally numb, you may have a condition known as anhedonia. Emotionally Numb When you feel emotionally numb, it...

big t trauma and little t trauma

Big T and Little T Trauma

For many years the impact of trauma was acknowledged through the presence of PTSD symptoms largely associated with experiencing war or sexual assault. However, trauma encompasses any distressing event or experience that affects a person’s ability to cope and function. We often recognize the effects...


5 Ways Meditation Can Boost Addiction Recovery

Genuine recovery requires you to address the underlying emotional causes of addiction, which is aided by evidence-based clinical therapies and alternative approaches, like meditation. Meditation and addiction couldn’t be more different. One is about checking in and being present in the moment, while the other...