A Parent’s Perspective: Raising Your Children is Never Easy

Raising your children is never an easy task, but when you know they are in trouble and you can’t fix things, your heart shatters. I remember clearly the day my son said, “I need help Mom and I am ready for rehab.” I can’t begin to express all the thought’s going on in my mind at that time. Being a nurse I immediately started “the research project”…calling rehabs everywhere sometimes late at night with tears running down my face. Nothing felt right until I called BRC Recovery, formerly Mark Houston Recovery, and the voice on the other end of the […]


Overheard from a friend a few weeks ago, “My SpirMal went shopping today!” That caught my attention…SpirMal? What is that? I was quickly educated… SpirMal, as in, short for Spiritual Malady. Got it. I might not have known the term but I sure know something about spiritual malady. Restless, irritable, discontented. Not quite sure where I want to be but certain it isn’t where I currently am, and moreover, just generally annoyed. An old friend of mine described the untreated alcoholic personality as ‘slightly unhappy all the time.’ Kind of describes me the last few days… Seriously, has anyone else […]

Comfort Food

What does that even mean??? Two week checkup day… Time for the doctor to take off the bandages and make sure I was healing ok. Thumbs up, looking good! As I was shedding the lovely hospital gown for my own comfy Lululemon getup, the duty nurse came in to give me my take home orders. “Plenty of rest, no heavy lifting, blah blah, and remember,” she says, “comfort food has a lot of sodium.” What? Huh? What does that even mean???  My mind began to wrestle around with her statement, and I haven’t been able to shake her voice, and […]

Painting Over Insecurity

Most people approach new situations with joy, excitement, and anticipation. BRC Recovery took the female residents on an outing this week that was no different. Looking around the art studio, I observed carefree conversations, laughter, and merriment. The excitement for me, however, was short-lived. Waiting beyond the conviviality was a blank canvas, fresh paint, clean brushes, and the picture we were to paint, ultimately, a new experience. Doubt, inability, and failure immediately clouded the scene. I knew that the picture in my mind’s eye would never be actualized. My ego exclaimed, “What an order! I can’t go through with it.’’ […]

The Pieces of Vulnerability

Just like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, I take the lessons God presents in my life and connect them to create a cohesive picture. The pieces to my life puzzle this week: -“Triumph of the inner spirit” While sharing his story at BRC Recovery, Mike D. expressed the importance of getting unblocked from the spirit that resides within our hearts and becoming okay with who we are at the core of our existence. -“Perfect and Bulletproof” Brene Brown expresses in her book, Daring Greatly, the seductive features of being perfect and bulletproof. She suggests that we must be willing to […]

13 Tips Gained from 13 Miles

Unlike the Boy Scouts who are always prepared, I arrived at my very first half marathon lacking some fundamental “Do’s” and “Don’ts.” After some practical experience with the process, however, I learned these basic guidelines to make future races a bit easier: 1. Weather—always check the weather forecast! I arrived ill-prepared for the climate change from Austin to Dallas: 84—hot and humid to 51—cold and cloudy. 2. Nutrition—stay away from fiber to avoid unexpected port-a-potty visits and go heavy on the carbs to sustain energy. 3. Transportation—not a great idea to drive 200 miles after you run 13.1 miles! I […]

BRC Recovery: A Sense of Community During Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

On Saturday, March 9, current residents of BRC Recovery, Alumni, family and proud members of Austin’s Recovery Community gathered at the Mark Houston Hall to hear former Program Director Audrey C. tell her story. My house manager said to me once that you know a good story when you don’t look at the clock one time. I didn’t notice the clock or any wandering eyes last night, but I did take a few moments to look around in gratitude. And those in attendance were literally on the edge of their seats, as BRC Recovery went back to its roots. As […]

Should I Give in to Frustration or Faith?

Last week I was slipping into a “fml” frame of mind when a friendly text exchange changed my perspective: Right!  And the laughter continued the next morning as I stood before the Firestone salesperson and heard the words “cannot fix the tire…nail in the sidewall…structure compromised…will cost $218…” I excused myself to pause, pray, and seek advice.  As I sat in the lobby mulling over my predicament, I felt God’s grace.  Past experience has taught me that “just to the extent that I do as I think He would have me, and humbly rely on Him, does He enable me […]