Why Are You Laughing?!?!

“We are going to Africaaaaa!!!” – Those were the words I joyfully announced last September at my husband’s 50th Birthday party. Having been a veterinarian for over 20 years and an animal lover his whole life, traveling to Africa for a photographic safari was right at the top of his bucket list. I was delighted to secretly make the arrangements and surprise him with this gift at the party. For months we planned and tweaked the itinerary. Rwanda, Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater, briefly Kenya and finally South Africa. We were lucky that we had a BRC Alumni family friend who owned […]

Makana Means Gift

Flying home from an awesome weekend in Charlotte, NC, spent with Ward Blanchard and Associates presenting to their Family Program, I was struck remembering the honesty and vulnerability with which the participants shared their personal stories. During open remarks, the families were asked to introduce themselves, share who they were there to visit, and on a scale of 1-10 share how much they felt they knew about alcoholism and addiction. The crowd was prompted for a volunteer to begin, and on the back row, the hand of a blonde haired twelve-year-old boy shot up. As he stood, with a quivering […]

5 Ways Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Improves Recovery


Men and women can be driven to addiction through similar circumstances, but both groups experience addiction and recovery differently. As such, it’s beneficial for treatment to be customized to suit the unique needs of men and women. 1. It removes expectations. Recovery requires vulnerability. Many men and women find it easier to be vulnerable and speak candidly about the issues they are facing while in the presence of members of the same gender. When men are with men and women are with women, there is no need to put on a facade to cover up your feelings. 2. It fosters […]

5 Benefits of Community-Driven Treatment


Of all the ways to describe the disease of addiction, “lonely” and “isolating” are among the most accurate. It’s much easier to isolate ourselves than to face our problems head-on. Although isolation may provide some temporary relief, it doesn’t address the negative thought patterns, unstable emotions and destructive behaviors that lead to and are exacerbated by addiction. The benefits of community-driven treatment cannot be overstated. Surrounding ourselves with positive influences while making contributions to the community only improves the likelihood of achieving a successful, lasting recovery. 1. It changes your outlook. It’s human instinct to want to connect and bond […]

Better is None of my Business

The Holidays are here! That wonderful time of year when the temperatures drop, comfort foods are abundant and families and friends alike gather to celebrate. What they believe or celebrate may differ but the feeling of hope for “better” is common among most. This evening I was driving alone to my office to finish up a few things when my oldest son called. I was telling him ALL the Holiday plans (read MY Holiday plans) – what time church was, when presents would be opened, what time dinner would be on Christmas Day, what the family plans were for New […]

Boundaries and Codependency

Before our daughter agreed to surrender and receive help for her addiction she was deep in the trenches of that chaotic life and my life was in shambles.  I am a mom to 3 other grown children and a wife, but those were all put on the back burner so I could attend to her. My life was consumed with her. Her mess was my mess, her bad decisions seemed like my bad decisions, her bad days were my bad days. Her life was out of control and my life was at an all-time high with trying to fix her. […]

What Does Fun in Sobriety Look Like

When I was asked to write a blog on the topic of fun in sobriety, of course the first thing I did was Google “fun in sobriety.” I was curious to know how most people in recovery answered the question of having fun in sobriety. The first page of Google results mostly consisted of lists of fun activities to discover/rediscover in early sobriety.  I think it goes without saying that many of us have lost our passion for life by the time we got sober and that one way of regaining it is through fellowship activities and learning how to […]

Key Reasons to Look for the Best Drug Treatment Center

drug treatment rehab

Looking for an excellent drug treatment center is crucial to those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism and substance abuse. Some people assume that they can change for the better by themselves and overcome intense cravings for drugs; however, it is much safer and more effective to become sober, obtain long-term sobriety, and increase health benefits by consulting an expert on drug addiction treatment. In a drug rehab facility, clients can detox under the direct supervision of a medical staff who will provide medical assistance and observation during the detoxification process and help ease the withdrawal symptoms. While in […]