The Segue Program: A Lifeline for the Recovering Addict and Family

BRC Recovery’s Segue Program is an invaluable resource for families who have a loved one in the early stages of recovery. Our son went through BRC Recovery in 2015, and when he completed the inpatient program, he transitioned to the sober living apartments and enrolled in the 12-month Segue program. At that time, only BRC Recovery inpatient graduates were permitted to enroll in the Segue program. When I learned recently that BRC Recovery has opened the program to anyone who wants a supportive aftercare program, I was thrilled! Over the last few years, I have met many people who have […]

Remaining Teachable

Last summer I had just finished a difficult Brazilian jiu-jitsu training session and was hot, sweaty and exhausted. I dragged myself to my car and within a few seconds of starting it up received a text from my mother. She was asking me what all I put into the protein shakes that I make myself routinely in the mornings. Immediately my self-centeredness kicked in and I began thinking to myself, “Why does she want to know what ingredients I use?” I am much younger than she is and in a different time of my life with different requirements than her […]

God Made Me This Way

Why are they so skinny? While having my morning cup o’ Joe, I sat and watched an episode of Dr.Oz. The segment was about learning to love yourself the way that you are and being your best self.  God always knows what I need to hear and when I need to hear it. At over eight months pregnant now, it is easy to compare myself to other women.  Why are they so skinny? Why haven’t they gained as much weight during their pregnancy as I have during my own? What can I do to get in shape? All are serious […]

Addiction: It’s a Family Disease

Addiction, BRC Recovery I want you to know something. I hate you. You are among the cruelest of maladies. You twist love into unrecognizable tangles and place gulfs between loved ones that appear too wide to bridge. I want you to know that even though it often seems that you are winning, I will always love my son. I am the mother of an addict. My son has been in the clutches of this deadly disease for over eleven years. He fell off the edge of the earth at 16 years of age and began a dark, dark journey that took his soul and broke […]

A Call to Action


BRC Recovery I recently met with a photographer at Bayside Park here in my hometown of Colchester, Vermont. He was taking a picture that was to be used for the upcoming article for the local newspaper. I was asked to share my story and give my experience on what pathway to recovery worked for me. As I stated to the reporter time and time again, my experience showed me the only way to recover was to abstain from all mind-altering substances and to experience an entire psychic change.  Then it hit me like a Mack truck. So many people out […]

Righteousness is Real Scary


REAL SCARY I received a text from a friend recently that stated “it’s jealousy and spite masked as righteousness.” He was referring to a Facebook post we had both seen, and were disturbed by. His words struck me and I have mulled them over for some time. In this modern world of social media and advanced technology it is easy to open your phone or computer and “vent”, whether to a friend in private, or for the whole world (or at least your virtual friends) to see and digest. I admit I have been guilty, and on more than one […]

What Good Are Those Slogans, Anyway? (Part 2)

If you’ve spent any time around Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous, or other recovery-oriented groups, you’ve heard at least a few slogans and acronyms. Most of them seem to fall into one of three categories, and they include our relationship with: Our addicted loved one. Ourselves. Our Higher Power. This month, we’ll look at a few of my favorites that can help us handle seemingly overwhelming circumstances. Is everything okay right now? I woke up night after night and lay sleepless, worrying about my alcoholic son, wondering if he was okay. I often texted him just to see if he would respond. […]

Detox and Intervention

When you or a loved one begin to look at treatment options for addiction, you are likely to hear a lot about interventions and detox programs. In this post, we take a closer look at these two programs to provide you with more information to assist you in choosing the best road of recovery for your situation. DETOXIFICATION Detox, short for detoxification, is a word that gets thrown around a lot, in contexts ranging from substance abuse to “cleanses” and diets. Detox simply means “abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances”.  In the context of addiction, […]