letting go

Letting Go

Just the words “letting go” might produce an internal response to some who read this. It often comes with a negative connotation of some type of loss, giving up, or defeat. It might feel counter intuitive or even impossible to those of us with...

what does acceptance mean in recovery

What Does Acceptance Mean in Recovery?

Denial can have a strong pull, especially when you are addicted. You may make up excuses for your behavior or try to convince yourself (and others) that you don’t really have a problem. In addiction treatment, admitting and accepting your situation is a critical...

supporting first responders during COVID-19

Supporting First Responders During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for many people throughout the US. Health officials have identified over 4 million cases and almost 145,000 deaths related to the virus and the numbers continue to increase daily. People on the front lines of healthcare who respond...