Powerful Quotes About Addiction Recovery - BRC Recovery


Recovery is one of the most rewarding endeavors you’ll ever undertake – one with benefits that last a lifetime. It’s also something you need to work at every day. Whether you’re newly sober or have been in recovery for decades, everyone needs a little inspiration...

letting go

Letting Go

Just the words “letting go” might produce an internal response to some who read this. It often comes with a negative connotation of some type of loss, giving up, or defeat. It might feel counter intuitive or even impossible to those of us with...

spiritual coaching

Spiritual Coaching | Life Coaching Services in Texas

In addiction treatment and recovery, you learn why you became addicted and how to live a life without the drugs or alcohol that controlled you. As you go through treatment, you will also learn that, as an individual, you are connected to others around...

engagement and disengagement in recovery

Engagement and Disengagement in Recovery

You wouldn’t sign up for a gym membership and expect to become more physically fit just because you carry a membership card. You won’t build muscles or lose weight even if you do visit the gym occasionally but still do not work out on...

surgery after treatment

Preparing for Surgery After Treatment: What to Expect

You have successfully completed addiction treatment and are moving forward with your recovery. Now you are faced with the prospect of needing surgery for an ailment or an injury. Your first thought may be about the drugs that physicians and surgeons always suggest for...

strengthen relationships during covid-19

How to Strengthen Relationships During COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has affected the way we interact with other people in a significant way. We have been told to distance ourselves physically from others, to keep everyone safe and healthy. We wear masks to keep from breathing on each other. We have...