Beautiful Bumpy Roads


BRC Recovery Recently, my family and I went on vacation to Nosara, Costa Rica. What a glorious week of sun and fun mixed with the rains and mud of the “green season”. Swimming, surfing, ATV tour, horseback riding, and lots of good food and fellowship with our family and the local recovery community all made for a wondrously eventful and action packed week. On our last morning there, on the way to the airport, we decided to have a final breakfast at a beautiful, boutique hotel called La Garta Lodge. Outside the restaurant was a sign that read, “Bad roads […]

What Good Are Those Slogans, Anyway? (Part 3)


If you’ve spent any time around Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous, or other recovery-oriented groups, you’ve heard at least a few slogans and acronyms. Most of them seem to fall into one of three categories, and they include our relationship with: Our addicted loved one. Ourselves. Our Higher Power. This month, we’ll look at a few of my favorites that can help us accept events as they occur and allow natural consequences to take their course. Trust the process. Trusting the process can be particularly difficult when your addicted loved one enters a rehabilitation facility. Fear of the future can feel overwhelming. […]

In Sickness and In Health

The Great Flu of 2017 Ten days in now, and the Great Flu of 2017 is finally releasing me from it gnarly grips. I have never experienced this type of bodily sickness before in my life. The typical flu symptoms  of course- coughing, sneezing, congestion were aplenty. But, the part that really dug in was the pure, unadulterated exhaustion. The “I cannot get out of bed” kind. And so in the bed I stayed. And stayed, and stayed. For people that know me, I am an action girl. Constantly on the go, excited about work and life, always looking for […]

Kind of Courageous

Dave the Horse Whisperer Last week I had the privilege to travel to Sundance, Utah, to visit the world renowned Cirque Lodge. What a glorious place of beauty and healing, all rolled up into snow covered majesty. Among the offerings of cozy lodge sleeps, delicious fireside meals, and an exhilarating helicopter ride, was nestled an opportunity to work with the horses and the legendary Dave the Horse Whisperer. My long time friend and co-worker Caitlin Stowell traveled with me. When we were asked about doing some “horse work” we both immediately thought- equine therapy. We eagerly agreed! But we soon […]

Art Therapy

Dedicated BRC Recovery is dedicated to providing our residents with clinical enhancements that support the promises of their recovery journey. This month we are excited to feature Art Therapy, led by BRC Clinical Center employee, Kelsey McCoy, LCDC Candidate. Kelsey brings her training and talents to the BRC Women’s Program through the form of Art Therapy. Art Therapy can be a powerful therapeutic tool. Kelsey shares her approach below: Art therapy is a unique way in which individuals are asked to utilize color, texture and other methods as a form of self-expression. Sometimes feelings and emotions are difficult to put […]

Ethics and Mama Birds

Mama Bird, With Two Babies For the last few weeks my husband and I have been watching a potential tragedy unfold. A mama bird decided to make a nest for her babies. She has been working very diligently on a daily basis to build the best and safest nest for her offspring. Unfortunately, she placed the nest in the corner of our garage, in the midst of a mix of brooms, mops, shovels, and other miscellaneous tools. The placement is precarious at best; a strong wind could bring the whole operation toppling down. In addition, she is unable to sit […]

Detox and Intervention

When you or a loved one begin to look at treatment options for addiction, you are likely to hear a lot about interventions and detox programs. In this post, we take a closer look at these two programs to provide you with more information to assist you in choosing the best road of recovery for your situation. DETOXIFICATION Detox, short for detoxification, is a word that gets thrown around a lot, in contexts ranging from substance abuse to “cleanses” and diets. Detox simply means “abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances”.  In the context of addiction, […]

Waking Up

BRC Recovery My name is Caroline Holderfield, and I am a Recovery Coach with the Women’s Segue Program of BRC Recovery. During my active alcoholism one of the most painful parts of each day for me was waking up. I still very clearly remember the mornings when I would awake fairly sober to suffocating fear that felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I would immediately reach for whatever substance I had to calm my nerves and allow me to breathe. When the Big Book talks about the Four Horsemen—Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair— it perfectly describes the state […]