How to Keep Your Recovery Fresh

Keep Your Recovery Fresh

When you first begin your journey into addiction recovery, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of support and information that floods in. By receiving treatment at a qualified facility, a new world opens up before you. You’ll quickly learn an entirely new language of helpful maxims, key words, acronyms, and conversation topics. A flurry of 12-Step meetings, counseling sessions, and group therapy gatherings will overtake your schedule. Once all of this excitement subsides, it’s easy to fall into a rut after your first year post-treatment. As you settle into a new life free of drugs and alcohol, you may […]

Manic Mondays and Such

Manic Monday Have you ever heard the expression “Manic Monday“? I swear it must have been coined by someone who works in the field of addiction treatment. Sometimes I walk into Monday morning staffing with what seems like “umpteen” issues coming at me like rapid fire. Bam, bam, bam! Last week Monday seemed to roll into Tuesday which bled into Wednesday. Problems and issues ranging from easily solved to 911, and in no particular order. A resident wants to leave AMA, a family is upset about a development note web portal glitch, an alumni relapsed and is unwilling to reengage […]

Suit Up and Show Up

During the 2015 Fourth of July weekend, thousands of sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous headed to Atlanta to participate in the 65th Annual International Convention. I wasn’t there. I wanted to be, of course. In fact I had made hotel and flight arrangements way in advance for this momentous occasion! Tons of friends from all over the world would be in attendance. And then a couple of months beforehand, looking at my calendar I realized I had an issue…my youngest son has attended Laity Lodge Youth Camp since he was old enough to go! As did his father and aunt […]


Overheard from a friend a few weeks ago, “My SpirMal went shopping today!” That caught my attention…SpirMal? What is that? I was quickly educated… SpirMal, as in, short for Spiritual Malady. Got it. I might not have known the term but I sure know something about spiritual malady. Restless, irritable, discontented. Not quite sure where I want to be but certain it isn’t where I currently am, and moreover, just generally annoyed. An old friend of mine described the untreated alcoholic personality as ‘slightly unhappy all the time.’ Kind of describes me the last few days… Seriously, has anyone else […]

Enslaved to Drugs

…“though he came to scoff, he may remain to pray.” –Big book, pg. xxxii Recently, the Austin Stone Community Church Story Team published an article written about one of BRC Recovery’s alumnus, Alex. His story, “Enslaved to Drugs”, is one which is  heard too often. Alex’s drug addiction began in high school after a string of injuries ended his possibilities for a college football career. He attempted sobriety many times, but each attempt was quickly met by relapse and mounting disappointment until eventually he checked into BRC Recovery in January 2013. While he was a resident at BRC, Alex started […]


I have heard the terms malady, spiritual malady, internal condition, untreated alcoholism, but until recently I had never heard the word “maladacious“! Even as I type, my spellcheck doesn’t recognize it. My friend, in defense of her use of the word said to me- its in urban dictionary – look it up! Restless, irritable, discontent- words and experiences and feelings common to most alcoholics and addicts. My belief and my experience show me that the illnesses of alcoholism and addiction manifest in mind, body and spirit. But how do we address these manifestations? And how can such a complicated and […]

Long-term Sobriety: Extended Care After Alcohol Treatment In Austin

Programs and Theories to help people stop drinking There are many programs and theories out there designed to help people stop drinking. The 12 Step programs and treatment centers all have the goal of helping people with a drinking problem to achieve long-term sobriety. While their intentions are honorable, the reality is that many of these programs don’t come anywhere close. Research by the National Institutes of Health The U.S. National Institutes of Health focuses on all elements of drug and alcohol abuse. They frequently release information, advice and guidance on the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment. They have […]

Drug Relapse Help Texas Facilities in Demand

Drug Relapse Help in Austin,Texas Drug abuse is a problem that affects all levels of our society. It destroys lives (both of the user and of their loved ones), leads to criminality and leaves entire communities classed as “undesirable”. However, many believe that we need to treat drug abuse and addiction for what it is: a disease, not a crime. Fortunately a wide variety of  recovery resources are now available and it is clear there is an incredible demand for effective residential rehab programs, particularly in growing cities like Austin, Texas. If you suffer a relapse then it is paramount […]