Season For Loving

For those of us in Recovery, there is no one season for loving. Our days are filled by it. Yet we are approaching that sacred time of year when we take a special moment to treasure those we love and to celebrate their presence in our lives. Many of those people are far from us today, and we keep them in our hearts and in our prayers as that special day approaches. But there is an abundance of love and fellowship amongst us right here and right now, and we gather together this season to remember what it is to […]

Strawberry Meth: What you need to know

Strawberry Quick Meth, Pink Meth

Don’t Take Candy From Strangers… Strawberry Meth, also known as Strawberry Quick Meth or pink meth, is a drug scare that dates back to 2007 when drug dealers allegedly used food products such as Strawberry Quick and Pop Rocks to disguise methamphetamine. The use of food products was reportedly so that children would find the drug more appealing. However, there have been no public reports of children using flavored methamphetamine to date. Drug dealers are reportedly targeting a younger crowd of would-be drug addicts with an attractive drug that looks and smells just like candy: pink meth. However, the dangers […]

Fear, Mad Men and Cowboy Boots: Leading a Sober Life

Cowboy boots are empowering. At the very least, they are somewhat symbolic of my acceptance into the realm of sobriety. It wasn’t until I was surrounded by a group of strong, happy women in Texas that I began to change my concept of what long-term sobriety could look like. Until that point, my resistance and fear could be attributed to an image I had of sitting in a 12-step meeting while the rest of the world had fun. The very idea that I was having fun toward the end of my drinking is ridiculous enough, but even conceding that, the […]