Change is Good and Other Irritating Grownup Sayings

Psalm 16:8 - BRC RecoveryAm I the only one who felt like 2016 was upon me before I was quite ready? My house was just beginning to smell and feel really Christmas-y when I looked up one day and the poinsettias were dried up, the cookies were stale, and it seemed like we were taking down the Christmas tree only a few days after it was put up.

To be fair, last fall was a bit of a whirlwind. I sold my house, purchased and remodeled a new one, moved, traveled extensively, started practicing Bikram Yoga and all the while watched BRC Recovery grow by leaps and bounds right before my very eyes. I’m not complaining, really just observing and marveling at the gifts of recovery and the Power of the Universe. Wowzer!!

But somewhere around January 1st, I got the news that one of my team members had decided to take a position with another company, in a whole other field. Screeeeech!!! The needle is yanked off the record. Hold up! Everyone stop dancing for a second. What did you say? You’re leaving? I don’t remember visualizing this as part of the plan.

Self-centered fear (who’s going to help me with my 2016 expansion projects?), anxiety (oh God, am I going to be okay?), regret (was it something I said or did?)…. All of these thoughts and feelings come flooding through me. Quickly followed by a mind moving at the speed of light attempting to manage the thoughts and feelings with solution after solution. And last but not least, the Spirit shows up and gently reminds me that it’s all okay, God is in charge, and God brings good in every situation for all involved. Aaahh, shoulders relax, heart rate slows, and breathing returns to normal.

I would love to say the above series of events happened in the reverse order, but for this perfectly broken warrior of the light, that is just not the case… Yet. Psalm 16:8 tells me, “I keep my eyes always on my God. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” I know this to be truth from my very own experience in recovery. Mark Houston told me once that after I made a real 3rd step decision, nothing, absolutely nothing, touches me that God has not sanctioned and designed to take my life places I have never dreamed imaginable. Translation-no fear.

So, here we go 2016, ready or not. They, annoyingly and collectively, say change is good. I am trusting this process once again. Stay tuned…

Marsha_Blog_Change is GoodMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery