Coming Full Circle….The Serendipity of Helping Others


“We have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence…”


The Big Book, 4th edition, Chapter 2, There Is A Solution, page 25

Alcohol rehab center AustinThe longer I am in recovery, the more I am amazed at the miracles and opportunity for even greater service to others. Recently, I was having a conversation with an old friend who was in the admissions department at the treatment program where I found recovery. In fact, he answered the phone when I made the last, desperate call for help, and was instrumental in my admission and ultimate recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Years have passed and our lives and careers have progressed. He was calling to tell me he had recently taken a job as CEO of an alcohol and drug treatment program in North Georgia. He invited me to come and tour the facility, and to work together facilitating extended care in Austin, Texas for some of his patients that have either experienced chronic relapse or just need the extra time and attention to their recovery process.

I gladly accepted the invitation, of course, and had the pleasure of traveling there to present the BRC Recovery extended care program to the clinicians at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery, and to their new CEO, my old friend and personal angel, Bill Anderson, LCSW.

Some days later, I was struck by the “full circle” aspect of what was happening. Because my friend had been there to help at the beginning of my journey, I was now in a position to return and to offer ongoing help to future men and women seeking a common solution to our common problem.

Alcohol treatment TexasFrom Atlanta, Georgia to Austin, Texas, from director to friend, from primary treatment to extended care recovery- this patchwork quilt of relationships and services ensures that alcohol and drug treatment works and recovery is possible. Our only job is to show up and trust the process.

What a gift.

Drug Rehab CenterMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery